Updated COVID-19 Policies

The below contains updated requirements for users of Anacostia Community Boathouse facilities during the on-going COVID-19 pandemic.  This update was prompted by the Mayor’s Order effective March 1, 2022.  See official ACBA Covid Guidelines at https://www.anacostiaboathouse.org/


  1. Self-Screening: Anyone coming to the Boathouse must monitor their health and stay away if displaying any COVID symptoms. 

  2. Masks: Are no longer mandated indoors. They are optional.

  3. ACBA expects each organization to operate in accordance with the COVID-19 guidance of its governing body, local, and national authorities. 

  4. ACBA will continue to adhere to DC COVID policy and will adjust if necessary.

  5. CRC COVID Policy: CRC Members are required to follow current DC and ACBA COVID guidelines, and are highly encouraged to receive a COVID vaccine and stay current on COVID booster shots.  CRC Members are encouraged to provide proof of vaccination so that the CRC can understand its vaccination status, be prepared to respond as COVID requirements evolve, and provide status to regatta organizers in the likely event that it is required.  COVID vaccination (not booster) cards should be forwarded to annediggs@capitalrowing.org.