Quick Catch (September 2015)

September 2015 Newsletter

Nhat’s Note

Dear Capital members and friends,

August has been a good month for Capital. Our club placed 4th at the Masters National Championship in New Jersey, an impressive feat given the high caliber of competition. The results show our incredible talents and depth of our collective team, from the competitive programs to our club programs in both sculling and sweep.  Not twenty minutes away from Masters National, Capital’s Adaptive athletes did some medal hauling of their own. All six rowers came away with at least one medal each!  Congrats to all who competed; you made us all very proud!

We celebrated the end of the summer with Pull for the Pig.  Headed by Joe Spruill, the swine crew kept our summer tradition alive with a succulent meal for hungry rowers, ergers, and participants at the event.  It was awesome to see people from various programs coming together in one place.  

The summer may be over but the Capital social calendar is just beginning to pick up!  Yesterday was our big happy hour/fundraising event.  Head of the Anacostia is at the end of the month — come for the row; stay for the pie. The gala committee is working to finalize dates and details for the event, so be on the look out for that info soon!

I hope to see you all at these events…and on the water.

Go Capital!

Nhat Nguyen


Upcoming Events

September 20, 11:00 AM – Bioswale Work Session (1900 M St., SE)*

September 20, 4:00 PM – CRC Board Meeting (Erg Room, 1900 M St., SE)

September 26 – Head of the Anacostia (1900 M St., SE)*

September 27 – Head of the Potomac (Thompson Boat Center, 2900 Virginia Ave., NW)

October 4 – Occoquan Challenge (2500 Treehouse Dr., Woodbridge, VA)

October 5, 7:00 PM – ACBA Board Meeting (1900 M St., SE)

*Volunteers Needed!

Volunteer Opportunity: HOTA

We can not pull off this regatta without everyone’s help! Please sign up for at least 1.5 to 2 hours of volunteering. If you have any questions about any of the shifts please email: tonikerns@gmail.com.

Link to Land Jobs

Link to Water Jobs


Final 2015 Learn-to-Row Session

The final 2015 Learn-to-Row session begins Sunday, September 20 and runs through October 25.  Spots are still open, so spread the word to your friends and family!  Registration information is available here.

Safety Corner

Well-maintained launches can make or break a practice (or a coach’s day), so this month US Rowing is focused on launch maintenance and safety equipment.  Read the latest here (and big thanks to Jim Aust for fixing Launch #3 recently!).

Meet a Member: Gary Dean


Club AM member Gary Dean (far right) with Coach Jon Clark, Jonathan Abrams, Marcel Bedard, Brandt Chvirko, and Cami Pease (seated).

Interview by Katelyn Polantz

Which program do you row with at Capital?

I row primarily with Club AM; however, to meet more people and get more practice and water time as I have been learning, I have rowed with PM for 2-a-day practices and SAW.

When did you first start rowing and how did you get involved with Capital?

I am in my 5th month of rowing, and after a few INR sessions, I have been rowing with Club AM since May.  Some years ago, I did some sculling at Thompson’s Boat House, and when I decided to take up rowing sweep boats in April, I fancied that I had the rudimentary sweep boat skills.  Upon first seeing my skills, Jon Clark more accurately assessed the extent of my experience as “watching my daughter row for AHC high school for 4 years.”  With immense skill and incredible indulgence, Jon has coached me to being able to compete for CRC – most recently in a 4+ at Masters Nationals.

What have you learned most from rowing, and what do you like about it?

Rowing has exceeded all of my expectations.  Coming from a long history of running, triathlons, adventure racing, long distance bicycling, and working out generally, I was pleasantly surprised with rowing truly being a whole body workout – aerobic and anaerobic.  On top of that, the mental and neuromotor pieces required for technique are amazing.  Best of all though is that rowing is a team sport, and what I have learned most is the whole picture synchronization rowing requires.

Where did you grow up and what brought you to DC?

I grew up in Arizona.  Through my Marine Corps career I have lived overseas and in many places across the country, and it was the Marine Corps that brought me to the DC area.

When you’re not rowing, what’s your day job?

Since my military retirement in 2009, I have been working as defense/government contractor and consultant.

What other sports and activities do you like to do?

I have been fairly active throughout my life, although I have not done team sports since college.  Through the years I have done triathlons (to include iron distance), adventure races (to include 48hr events), runs (to include marathons and ultramarathons), bicycling (to include 1200km+ distance), backpacking and mountaineering (to include Mt Rainier), rock climbing, racquetball, and power lifting.

What’s your favorite place in the DC area?

My favorite place in the DC area is the Mall with all of its sights and people.

What’s your favorite sight from the Anacostia River  when you’re out on a boat?

My favorite sight from the Anacostia River is seeing the runners, walkers, and bicyclists on Hains Point.

Do you have a favorite Capital moment from this year?

I am still so new to rowing and have been so lucky to do so much rowing-wise in a relatively short period that I have new favorite Capital moments every week.

If you could give Capital rowers a piece of advice, what would it be?

Staying mentally calm and focused on your crew mates who are counting on you makes the pain of exertion easy.

In case you missed it…


Masters Nationals 1st place Women’s Lightweight C 4+ Caryn Muellerleile, Dominique Carlier, coxswain Sarah Montgomery, Jenn Tujague, and Helen Chabot.