THE ROWERS:    24 of us, plus three coxes, loosened up on the dock.  Jonathan took the ‘Spirit’, Alex took ‘Endurance’ and Susie steered a men’s VIII in ‘Flight’.

THE WORKOUT:     Focus for the day was the drive with the legs.  From Penn Ave bridge to South Capital Street bridge we went through a series of drills by 4s and 6s rotating on the square:  Outside arm only; legs only; legs and back only; then pause at arms over and arms and body over.

From South Capital St bridge we rowed a set piece down to the War College, executing a rowing turn at the confluence and back home. The rating was built up as follows:  three minutes at 18, two minutes at 20, one minute at 22 capped by ten hard strokes at 24-26.  This was repeated for three cycles followed by a long rest. The first three cycles were then repeated, but at two beats higher.  We got home (well worked out) in approximately six cycles. 

THE RIVER:   The river was high from the previous days’ rain and an incoming tide.  Fair amount of debris.  Gusty wind but generally flat water.  On the Potomac Thompsons boathouse had closed for the weekend because of high water, but our docks coped well.


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