The Rowers:  24 rowers turned out plus three coxes.  Sam M took ‘Spirit’, Eric L took ‘Capital Gain’ and Shannon returned from school to take ‘Endurance’.

The Workout: The focus was again on the drive with the legs, with drills between the Pennsylvania Ave and South Capital St bridges: legs only, legs and arms, pausing at arms and body over.  This was done by 4s rotating on the square. 

From South Capital Street it was regular rowing by 6s (rotating) and 8s up the Washington Channel where we spun and practiced racing starts (first 5 and first 15 strokes at low to medium pressure).  From the confluence we rowed back home by 6s (rotating) and 8s, rating 18-20 SPM.

The Water:  Sunny but chilly.  A brisk wind and choppy water.  On the way back from South Capital Street the wind got up considerably and we were rowing over one-foot waves with white caps.  Docking was a challenge but nobody and no boats were damaged.

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