Club AM – Sweep Rowing (Morning)


Capital’s Club AM sweep rowing program is designed for rowers with some previous experience and meets for practice Monday through Friday at 5:00 am, rain or shine. If you rowed in college or high school, or have learned to row at CRC or elsewhere, we welcome you to join us. The Club AM coaches will determine whether a potential participant is prepared to continue with the program. While there is a broad spectrum of experience among Club AM rowers, those with less experience will be encouraged to practice more frequently than the 3 sessions per week program requirement. All interested rowers should contact the the Club AM Representative for more information;


Club AM strives to provide a fun and challenging environment to rowers of all experience levels, from those who have just completed Capital’s novice program to rowers with experience competing at the collegiate and masters level.

Members of this program enjoy a balance of racing and club spirit. The men and women of Club AM train hard and are encouraged, but not required, to participate in races. In addition to practicing on the water, rowers take turns coxing and completing workouts on the erg.

Being a part of the Club AM program at Capital means joining a team that participates in community and club events as well as regattas and practices. Rowers are expected to participate in a minimum of two Capital volunteer events per membership year. Members pitch in to accomplish whatever needs to be done; from loading trailers to repainting oars or helping out novice rowers. Club AM rowers also enjoy social events off the water such as post-practice breakfasts and happy hours.


– Refinement of body mechanics
– Emphasis on boat issues such as set, run and timing
– Development of both sprint and head racing tactics
– Coxing
– Physical conditioning
– Basic rigging


Club AM participates in both Sprint (1000m-2000m) and Head Races (up to several miles), in either 4+ or 8+ oared shells. Regattas typically occur on the weekends and are usually within a few hours driving distance from the Anacostia Community Boathouse.

In the 2011 season, Club AM participated in several Sprint and Head Races, including the Independence Day Regatta in Philadelphia, Capital Sprints, Head of the Potomac, Head of the Anacostia, the Occoquan Challenge, and the Head of the Occoquan, among others.



Club PM – Sweep Rowing (Afternoon)

Graduates of a novice rowing program that know how to swim and have a strong desire to become a better rower, as well as experienced rowers, are welcome to row with Club PM.



Capital’s afternoon club rowing program (“Club PM”) strives to provide a welcoming and challenging environment to rowers of all experience levels, from those who have just completed Capital’s novice program to rowers with experience competing at the collegiate and masters level.  Club PM focuses on skill development and improvement through regular
practice and competition in local regattas.  Racing is encouraged but not required of club members.  Club PM aims to highlight the social aspect of rowing by organizing weekly dinners/happy hours after practice, and by encouraging its members to become active volunteers in Capital’s numerous community programs.



  • Improve basic rowing technique, building on novice class work
  • Introduction to more advanced rowing concepts
  • Improve strength and conditioning
  • Coxing
  • Basic rigging

Capital’s Club PM crews train for improvement. Being a part of the Club PM program at Capital means joining a team of rowers that participates in community and club events as well as practices. Club PM rowers are expected to participate in a minimum of two Capital volunteer events per membership year.



There are no attendance requirements for the Club PM program; however, consistency is encouraged.
Attendance at regattas and erg tests are completely optional and will be supported if the desire exists to do so.





Practices are held Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 6:30pm until 8:00pm through the rowing season (rain or shine). It is also not unusual for the Club PM program to head out for drinks and pizza after Thursday’s practice.





Club PM rowers are welcome and encouraged to participate in regattas if there is interest among the rowers.





  • 8 man coxed sweep boats (8+)
  • 4 man coxed sweep boats (4+)


Senior and Weekend (SAW) Rowing






Experienced and novice rowers of all ages that are in good physical condition, are encouraged to contact the SAW Program Representative so they may be evaluated for this program. The rower should also have a general understanding of sweep rowing technique and boat issues such as set, run and timing.



Attendance to the SAW program practices is relaxed; however, consistent participation is encouraged.



Practices are held Sundays (an occassionally on Saturdays) from 7:00 am until 9:00 am (rain or shine).  If a regatta is scheduled at the boathouse on a weekend day, practices will move to minimize conflicts.  Those attending the SAW Program for the first time should email the SAW Program Representative, at before coming down to the boathouse to ensure practice will be taking place on the day you plan to arrive.


For the 2012 Spring Season we will be rowing mostly on Sundays due to coaching conflicts on Saturdays.

Our first row of the season will be on Sunday, April 1, at 7:00 am.  We will be off the water by 9:00 am.

Practices will usually consist of the following:

  • Light stretching
  • Land coaching, demonstrations on the erg
  • Light erg session to practice body mechanics
  • On the water rowing in various sweep and sculling shells
  • On the water coaching provided from a chase launch


Capital’s Senior and Weekend rowers participate in regattas as they wish. Although competition isn’t the main focus of the program, those wanting to experience racing are well supported.  In addition, time handicaps are sometimes given based on age categories which help to even the playing field for all rowers.



The SAW Program is filled with a variety of people of all ages whose common bond is their interest in the sport of rowing and the desire to row in a relaxed environment.



Senior and weekend rowers use a variety of sculling and sweep boats depending upon their background and experience. Generally the following boats are used:

      8 rower coxed sweep boats (8+)
      4 rower coxed sweep boats (4+)

Board Members

Board of Directors for the 2010 Season


Kelley O’Connell

Vice-President of Operations

Gretchen Abell

Vice-President of Resources

Deborah Pianko

Vice-President of Membership

Brett Rini


Chris Erling

Development Director

Michael Brown

Social Director

Anne Iyer

Community Programs

Meredith Miller

Race Czarina

Christina Erling

Clothing and Capital Gear

Shannon Stichman

Transportation Captain

Dave Barksdale


Thomas Peng

Board Member

Nathan Ballou

Board Member

Kyle Bates

Board Member

Peter Courtney

Board Member

Rebecca Friend

Safety Captain TJ Riley
Capital Sprints Director Sue & Craig McKay
ACBA Rep & ACBA President Jennifer Ney
ACBA Representative Tom Dalton


Program Representatives for the 2010 Season

Club AM Abigail Potter
Club PM Darby Wiggins
Sculling and Small Boats Program Abigail Constantino
Seniors & Weekends Jim Smailes
Competitive Men Michael Zgoda
Competitive Women Fana Gebeyehu-Houston



Directions to Capital Rowing Club

 {mosmap width=’500’|height=’400’|lat=’38.878015’|lon=’-76.978295′ |zoom=’15’ |zoomType=’Large’|zoomNew=’0’|mapType=’Satellite’|showMaptype=’1’|overview=’0’|text=’Anacostia Community Boathouse<br>1900 M Street, SE<br>Washington DC 20005‘|tooltip=’Boathouse’|marker=’1’|align=’center’}

Please click here for special directions for Cap Sprints!


If you’re driving:
For Google Maps directions to Capital Rowing Club click here.


From Virginia:
Take I-395 North across the 14th Street Bridge. Proceed past the Maine Avenue exit. Get into the LEFT lane and head towards I-295. Proceed past the South Capital Street exit. Take the next exit for 6th Street SE/Navy Yard. At the bottom of the ramp, continue through the two lights. Make a RIGHT onto 8th Street SE. Proceed to M Street SE and take a LEFT. Continue on M Street SE for approximately 1 ½ miles to the Anacostia Community Boathouse.  (Note: shortly after passing the traffic circle, M Street becomes a narrow two-lane road.) Park in designated areas inside the chain linked fence.  

From Maryland:
Follow I-295 South to the exit for I-695 West. Take the exit for M Street/Washington/Navy Yard. Turn RIGHT onto M Street and go approximately 1 mile to the Anacostia Community Boathouse. The road narrows after the traffic circle and runs along the railroad tracks, please use caution for pedestrians and cyclists. Park in the designated areas inside the chain linked fence. 


From Metro:

The nearest Metro is the Potomac Avenue Station (Blue/Orange line), a 15 minute walk. Exit the metro and turn left, walk down Potomac avenue 2 blocks, take a RIGHT on Kentucky for one block to it’s end, then take a left and walk down the hill and across the crosswalk on to the Anacostia River Trail. This is a bike path that goes over the train tracks and to the water, and you’ll see the boathouse on the water as your walking over the tracks. This is a good way to bike too!