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SAW Program Co-Reps

Jim Smailes

Mary Ellsworth

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SAW and PM End of Season Party, Friday, Nov. 19, 2010

Capital Brewing, Union Station, Washington, D.C.


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Seniors and Weekend Program Information

This page is for sharing weekly information on SAW Sunday morning workouts, the coaching schedule, and general information for SAW rowers.

      2013 SAW Coaches have not yet been decided

                Bob Brady,            email:

                     Ginger Hedegore, email:

                     Megan Silk,            email:

                     Dorene Haney       email:

                     Steve Neuman      email:

                    Ted Leslie              email:

SAW Program Co-reps

                    Jim Smailes         email:

                    Mary Ellsworth    email:

SAW Program workouts start at 7:00 AM on Sundays.  Plan to arrive by 6:50 or so and be ready to start line-ups at 7:00.    We plan to be off the water by 9 AM, and then rack the boats, clean up, etc..  Rowers often go to a nearby venue for coffee after practice.    Weather note:  Come on down to the river, rain or shine!  We’ll have some erg fun if we can’t get out on the water.


  scrnDOT  Weekly SAW Sign-Up   –  Let us know you’ll be rowing or coxing each week

 scrnDOT Coaching Schedule and Practice Plan – Who’s coaching, and the workout for this week

 scrnDOT  Practice Summaries – Read about how practice went each week

 scrnDOT  SAW Coxing Guidelines  – Learn about how you are a part of coxing for the SAW program

 scrnDOT  Rowing Terminology – Helpful rowing terms and commands to orient the novice and entertain the master





The CRC 2013 rowing season begins March 25!

SAW’s first practice will be 7AM Sunday, March 24, 2013.  Let’s kick off the season with breakfast after practice.  More soon…

 (plan to view the CRC Safety ppt presentation at noon, same day, & stay for BBQ)

SAW Program workouts start at 7:00.  Please arrive by 6:50.  


Saturday, March 9 –  Take Out Day  ALL HANDS NEEDED.  9AM until it’s done. 

Weds, March 13 – CRC Organizational Meeting @RFD, backroom bar  810 7th St NW, Washington, DC.  EVERYONE – old and new – are welcomed.  This is a get to know / meet and greet CRC event. Start getting excited for the 25th year of Capital Rowing Club.  Bring the uninitiated so they can learn about rowing opportunities on the Anacostia River.

Sat/Sun, March 16-17  NBC4 Health & Fitness Expo @the convention center.  Your rowing club has a booth. We are there to praise the glory of rowing, and the benefits to both health and fitness.         Please volunteer to hang out at the CRC booth, and represent!

Sunday, March 17 – St Patrick’s Day parade   CRC has long represented at the parade, and it is simply a lot of fun.  We pass out fliers, we march in the parade, we “air row” down Pennsylvania Ave (really!).  We need rowers to decorate the float, walk in the parade, and attend a post parade happy hour.       Sign up to join the fun.


Sunday, March 24  –  Required Club Safety meeting     12 noon – 3pm



oarDOT  Weekly Practice Summaries

 [ Past Practice Summaries:   Spr/Sum/Fall 2011      Sp/Sum/Fall 2012 ]   

       Writers needed!  Please sign up to write a summary after practice


Sunday, March 24, 2013 



The Workout:

The Water:

 Après row:






“I can teach 90% of the rowing stroke in ten minutes. The other 10% will require you a lifetime of effort to learn.” — Coach Robert Valerian

launchDOT Coaching Schedule & Practice Plan 2013  shellparts

 Past Plans: [Spring/Summer/Fall 2011]   [Spring/Summer/Fall 2012]


    Spring Season     


March/April COACH


Sunday, 3/24





Sunday, 3/31





Sunday, 4/7




Sunday, 4/14





Sunday, 4/21




Sunday, 4/28



May/June COACH



Sunday, 5/5





Sunday, 5/12




Sunday, 5/19




Sunday, 5/26



Sunday, 6/2





Sunday, 6/9




glossaryDOT  Rowing Terminology and Help     

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ACBA Boathouse Tour Information  Boathouse, grounds, river and shoreline info


CRC Rowing Glossary

Types of rowing, rowing commands, technique-related terms


Peterborough City Rowing Club

Good introduction to crew layouts and boat terminology


BGSBC Idiots Guide to Rowing  – diagrams and vocabulary

Terms for Outside the Boat, Inside the Boat, Oars, and the Rowing Stroke


New Coxswains Guide at

Coxswain commands for getting the boat out, moving the boat, steering the boat


Coxing Dictionary at

Coxswain commands and definitions


Satellite view of the Anacostia, end to end     Click the image to enlarge & view bridge names





SAW program in the News!

July 2012 –  article about the SAW program ran in The Gazette in Montgomery County,

as well as The Fairfax County Times in Virginia.


NSJASSee Photos from the SAW End of Summer Season get-together



2012 SAW racing:

 Race Schedule:  GO SAW!!

June 3  Stonewall Regatta – DC Strokes, Anacostia river  [women’s 8+ and men’s 8+ ]

June 9  Charm City Sprints – Baltimore, MD   [women’s 4+ ]

June 23 Rocketts Landing Masters Regatta – Richmond, VA  [ women’s 4+ ]

July 7   Capital Sprints –  Capital Rowing Club, Anacostia river   [women’s 8+ & 4+ and men’s 8+ & 4+ ]

Sept 29  Head of the AnacostiaCapital Rowing Club, Anacostia river   [ women’s 8+, men’s 8+ ]

Sept 30  Scullers’ Head of the Potomac – Potomac Boat Club, Potomac river [click: mixed 8+ ]

Oct 7  Occoquan Challenge – Occoquan Resevoir, Fairfax, VA  [ – ]

Oct 14  Occoquan Chase – George Mason Rowing Assoc, Occoquan Resevoir, Fairfax, VA  [ – ]

Nov 4  Head of the Occoquan –  OBC, Occoquan Resevoir, Fairfax, VA  [ M8+ ]


Juniors FAQ


About the Program
Novice Program
Winter Training
Contact Us





Frequently Asked Questions

Where do the Capital Junior teams row?

What should I wear to practice?

What do I need to bring?

What should I expect at practice?

Is rowing dangerous?





If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us! Rowing is a great sport, and we hope that you can join us in the fall!



Where do the Capital Junior teams row?

We are located in the Anacostia Community Boathouse.


Our new location is 1900 M St.,SE, Washington, DC, just west of the Pennsylvania Avenue Bridge. We just moved,and this is a temporary facility, consisting of two large white temporary buildings (very, very big tents).


Metro: The nearest Metro is the Potomac Avenue Station (Blue/Orange line). It’s a halfmile walk to the boathouse. Walk from the station 1 block to Kentucky Ave and followthat to the Pennsylvania Ave bridge. You will have to cross the railroad tracks when you come down from the bridge. If this is not feasible for you, it will be a longer walk: go weston Potomac Ave to K St, follow K to 11th St, go South (left) on 11th to M, and left on M.Follow M for about a mile to the boathouse on the right. Be sure to walk to practice in groups.


From VA: Take I-395 North across the 14th Street Bridge.  Proceed past the Maine Avenue exit. Get into the left lane and head towards I-295.Proceed past the South Capitol Street exit.  Take the next exit for 6th Street SE/Navy Yard.  At the bottom of the ramp, go through the two lights.  At the next light, make a RIGHT onto 8th Street SE.  Proceed to M Street SE and take a LEFT. Go straight through the traffic lights, and continue on M St for about a mile until you get to the boathouse on the right. The road narrows and runs along the railroad tracks. Keep going past the Washington Yacht Club on the right. Please be careful.  The bike trail merges with the road, so you may need to make way for runners and bikers.   After you pass under the Pennsylvania Ave Bridge, you will pass a construction site.  The boathouse is the compound with the black fence just after the construction site.  The gate is located before the boathouse itself.

From MD: Take I-295 South. Pass exits East Capital Street & Pennsylvania Avenue. Take the exit for Suitland Parkway. DO NOT GET OFF THE RAMP.  Follow the ramp around a full 360 degrees and re-enter I-295 North. Take the first exit for Washington Navy Yard & I-395.Go over the bridge and get into the right middle lane. Merge right following signs for the Washington Navy Yard, immediately after crossing the bridge.  Take the fork in the road to the right. When you get to the stop sign where the road ends, take a right onto M St.  Follow M St until you get to the boathouse on the right.  The road narrows and runs along the railroad tracks. Keep going past the Washington Yacht Club on the right. Please be careful.  The bike trail merges with the road, so you may need to make way for runners and bikers.   After you pass under the Pennsylvania Ave Bridge, you will pass a construction site.  The boathouse is the compound with the black fence just after the construction site.  The gate is located before the boathouse itself.


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What should I wear to practice?

Shorts and a t-shirt are fine. Wear sweatpants and a sweatshirt (or long sleeve shirt) over your shorts and t-shirt. It is always slightly colder on the water, so you will need another layer for warmth. After the warm-up, you may find that you want shed some of your layers, then get back in them after the workout. Do not wear baggy shorts or long t-shirts, because they might get caught in the seat. Sneakers or running shoes are best for footwear. You will be taking your shoes off in the boat, so make sure you wear or bring socks. A hat, visor, or sunglasses are helpful in keeping the sun and glare from the waterout of your eyes. Do not wear rings, expensive non-athletic watches, bracelets, necklaces and other types of jewelry to practice.


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What do I need to bring?

All boats, oars, and other equipment is provided by Captial Rowing Club. You do need to bring a water bottle. There is plenty of room under your legs to store water, so bring two if you get very thirsty. You will be on the water for about two hours and you will need to stay hydrated. Also, bring sunscreen. Even in the fall, you can easily get burned.


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What should I expect at practice?

Rowing is a physically demanding sport that requires a lot of commitment. We expect that you attend every practice and come prepared to learn and have fun.We row rain or shine, so come down to the boathouse even if the weather is bad. Often,even when the weather is rotten where you are, it’s not so bad at the boathouse. The only things that keep us off the water are lightning and high wind, and if we see those, we will do land work. You never know, so come down anyway.


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Is rowing dangerous?

Rowing is a very safe sport. Though we are on the water, there is very little chance of falling in. Rowers will be taught the correct way to enter, sit in, and exit a boat so that it remains stable. Boats are always accompanied by a coach in a motorboat who is trained to deal with any unlikely emergency. Life preservers and other emergency equipment is stored in the coach’s boat. Individual life preservers can be worn if the rower is uncomfortable. 


Proper technique is important to avoid exercise related injuries. Coaches will constantly assess and instruct rowers in how to avoid problems. 


Rowing is rough on your hands. Expect to get blisters in the beginning. Your hands willeventually toughen. After the first day, you may want to put tape on the spots that are particularly sore. 


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