2017 Competitive Team Tryouts: August 23rd – 25th

Capital Rowing Club’s summer season is in full swing, as athletes are gearing up for USRowing Masters’ Nationals in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. Click here to read more about the competitive sweep program.



The competitive program is holding open tryouts for the fall season for both men and women.

August 23 – 25th
5:20 am – 6:50 am

Anacostia Community Boathouse
1900 M Street SE, Washington DC

(Photo/Matt Pearson)
(Photo/Matt Pearson)

Program Reps:


comp women racing
Photo credit: USRowing Flickr (https://www.flickr.com/photos/usrowing/20004004124/in/album-72157657166794091/)


What we look for:

  • Experienced rowers, who have previously competed (masters, collegiate, national team, etc.)
  • Coxswains with racing experience
  • 2k erg
    • Men = 7:15 or below (age-dependent)
    • Women = 8:15 or below (age-dependent)
    • These are a general guideline, and should not discourage you from trying out.

Final determinations will be made at tryouts.

RaceRoundUp: Diamond State Masters 2017

Capital Rowing Club always looks forward to the Diamond State Masters Regatta — beautiful course, great hosts, and good competition. This year, like many before it, Capital showed up in force, which allowed us to bring home the Sweep Trophy.

Some of the Capital Racing highlights:

  • 04A. Womens’s D-J 2X – 1st
  • 06B. Women’s E-J 1X – 3rd (A. Diggs)
  • 19D. Mixed D-E 2X – 2nd
  • 20B. Men’s AA-B 1X – 2nd (R. Best)
  • 27A. Women’s C-D 1X – LTW – 2nd (R. Hollins) & 3rd (S. Acerra)
  • 37A. Men’s E-J 4+ – 1st
  • 37C. Men’s E-J 4+ – 2nd
  • 40A. Women’s B 4+ – 2nd & 3rd
  • 40B. Women’s B 4+ – 1st
  • 41A. Mixed D-J 8+ – 1st
  • 42. Women’s AA-J 4+ -LTW – 3rd
  • 43A. Mixed AA-J 4X – 10:13AM – 3rd
  • 44A. Men’s B 4+ – 10:27AM – 3rd
  • 45A. Women’s AA-A 4+ – 2nd & 3rd
  • 45B. Women’s AA-A 4+ – 3rd & 4th
  • 46A. Women’s C 8+ – 3rd
  • 46B. Women’s C 8+ – 1st
  • 56A. Women’s D 4+ – 3rd
  • 57A. Mixed AA-C 8+ – 2nd & 5th
  • 57B. Mixed AA-C 8+ – 2nd & 3rd
  • 60A. Women’s C 4+ – 1st
  • 60B. Women’s C 4+ – 1st
  • 61B. Men’s E-J 8+ – 1st
  • 64A. Women’s AA-B 8+ – 1st & 2nd
  • 64B. Women’s AA-B 8+ – 1st

Check out the official results on Ronin and some of the great photos available on row2k.

Capital Sprints 2017 — Thanks for the racing!

Race results and blue sky! #capsprints2017

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Thanks everyone for the great racing yesterday at Capital Sprints! We had a record number of entries (300!!) and clubs (24!!) participate this year, meaning for almost every event we had 5 or 6 boats across, racing down the Anacostia river.

Results have been posted here: http://www.capitalrowing.org/crcwp/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/Capital-Sprints-2017-all-results.pdf

If you have any questions, stories you’d like to share or photos from the day — please don’t hesitate to reach out to the Regatta Director via email capsprints@capitalrowing.org

See you this fall for Head of the Anacostia and next year at CapSprints 2018!

The 2017 Capital Sprints is in full swing! #anacostiariver #capsprints2017 #bestwarmup

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Capital Sprints — July 8th

Get excited for some fun racing this weekend!

Schedule: https://www.regattacentral.com/regatta/?job_id=5153

More Info: Capital Sprints

We are still looking for volunteers, so even if you aren’t a rower or a member of the club, but just interested in volunteering — get involved! You can sign up for the various volunteer positions here:

  • These are volunteers positions on land, including set-ups, selling merchandising, directing parking traffic, etc.

  • These are volunteers positions on the water, including launch drivers, stake boat holders, dock master, launch and recover assistants, etc.

See you Saturday!

RaceRoundUp: Schuylkill Navy Regatta 2017


  • 5c – Mens Masters Four — 1st
  • 6a – Womens Masters Four — 2nd
  • 7b – Womens Masters Single — 2nd (S. Acerra)
  • 7c – Womens Masters Single — 2nd (R. Hollins)
  • 9a – Mens Masters Single — 1st (R. Best)
  • 31c – Womens Masters Double — 3rd
  • 40a – Womens Masters Eight — 2nd
  • 41b – Mens Masters Eight — 3rd
  • 42 – Masters Mixed Quad — 3rd