Senior & Weekend Program


The Senior and Weekend (SAW) program aims to provide a welcoming and instructional once-a-week coached rowing opportunity for experienced and novice rowers of all ages that are in good physical condition. The rower should have a general understanding of sweep rowing technique and boat issues such as set, run and timing.

The SAW program welcomes Novice Sweep Learn to Row graduates and Intermediate/Novice Rowers (INR) to register for SAW and join our practices.

Being a part of the SAW program means joining a team of rowers that participates in community and club events as well as regular practices.

Contact for information on rowing with the SAW program.


  • Improve basic rowing technique, building on novice class work
  • Renew and rebuild rowing skills of rowers returning to the sport
  • Improve strength and conditioning
  • Coxing
  • Basic rigging


Attendance to the SAW program once-a-week practices is relaxed; however, consistent participation is recommended and encouraged.


Practices are held Sundays from 7:00 to 9:00 am, rain or shine. Practice may move to Saturday occasionally depending on events at the boathouse.

Those attending the SAW Program for the first time should email one of the two SAW Program Co-Representatives, at, before coming down to the boathouse to ensure that you have current information about practice and Safety.  Practices will usually include the following:

  • Light stretching
  • Land coaching, demonstrations on the erg
  • On the water rowing in sweep shells
  • On the water coaching provided from a chase launch
  • Light erg session to practice body mechanics


Capital Rowing Club is a volunteer-run organization, and members are expected to volunteer at least four (4) hours each season. Opportunities can be found in the Volunteer section.


Capital’s Senior and Weekend rowers participate in regattas depending on their interest in racing. Although competition isn’t the main focus of the program, those wanting to experience racing are well supported. Time handicaps are sometimes given based on age categories.


The SAW Program is filled with a variety of people of all ages whose common bond is their interest in the sport of rowing and the desire to row in a relaxed but stimulating environment.


Senior and Weekend rowers use sweep boats depending upon their background and experience. Generally the following boats are used:

  • 8 rower coxed sweep boats (8+)
  • 4 rower coxed sweep boats (4+)

Team Page:

SAW has a team page with information and important links.