2016 Executive Position for Juniors Program (Part time)

The Executive Director of the Juniors Rowing Program directs and operates this program consistent with the policies established by Capital Rowing Club, with the goal of fulfilling the club’s mission to bring rowing opportunities and the benefits of rowing to the Anacostia Community and greater Washington DC area.  This position reports to the voting board members with the President serving as head of the committee.

Contract Period: March 2016 – March 2017


  • With the approval of the President or his or her designee, hire coaches and other staff for each program. Manage coaches and other staff, provided that any termination or dismissal requires the advance approval of the President.
  • Provide vision, and execute on that vision for the program
  • Represent the program to club members, family, and to the public
  • Represent the club to the community at large
  • Recruit, screen, and provide oversight of program volunteers
  • Provide coaching (as needed) to maintain oversight
  • Quantify, track, and celebrate successes
  • Identify and form strategic partnerships
  • Communicate with the fundraising/grant writer coordinator and assist in the grant writing process for the program (e.g. vision, numbers, achievements, etc.)
  • Recruit youth participants personally and by organizing recruitment activities.
  • Develop and oversee an academic component for the Juniors program.


2016 Development Director (Part time)

Fundraising Coordinator is responsible to fundraising activities for the Capital Rowing Club with an emphasis on the Juniors and Adaptive program.  This position reports to voting board members with the President serving as head of the committee.

Contract Term: Hourly, per grant or consulting fee structure compensation available


  • Develop fundraising strategies and policies for the club
  • Identify fundraising opportunities and execute on those opportunities
  • Identify, write, submit, and oversee grants that the club may be eligible
  • Identify sponsorship opportunities and execute on those opportunities, which includes but are not limited to Ergathon and sponsorships for regattas and other club functions.  
  • Identify and form strategic partnerships for the club
  • Communicate and collaborate with Capital’s various rowing programs on grant proposal
  • Communicate to the Board on all fundraising efforts and opportunities