RaceRoundup: Mid Atlantic Erg Sprint Results 2017

Congrats to everyone who raced at MidAtlantic Erg Sprints this year!

Capital Rowing Club had 43 Entries in Juniors and Masters categories, and placed 4th Overall in the Team Awards with 174 points. See below for all of the athletes who finished in the Top 10 in their event.

Athlete Event
Michael Riegelman — 1st Master (age 30-39) Men 30-Minute Row
Brian Luhman — 2nd Master (age 30-39) Men 30-Minute Row
Brandon DuBois — 1st Veteran A (age 50-54) Men 30-Minute Row
Gary Dean — 5th Veteran B (age 55-59) Men 30-Minute Row
David Lippold — 5th Veteran C (age 60-64) Men 30-Minute Row
Geoffrey Vincent — 3rd Veteran D+ (age 65+) Men 30-Minute Row
Craig McKay — 3rd Veteran B (age 55-59) Men 2000M
Robert Best — 2nd Senior (age 40-49) Men 2000M
Jonathan Abrams — 9th Master (age 30-39) Men 2000M
Jessica Cooper — 2nd Master (age 30-39) Women 2000M
Okhee Shim — 3rd Master (age 30-39) Women 2000M
Anna Gorlick — 5th Junior (age 16) Lightweight Women 1500M
Shannon Franks — 4th Adaptive Men Physically Disabled (A/S)
 Chip Battoe — 1st Adaptive Men Physically Disabled (T/A)
 Sherman Anderson — 2nd Adaptive Men Physically Disabled (T/A)
 Daniel Longo — 3rd Adaptive Men Physically Disabled (L/T/A)
 Anne Rader — 2nd Adaptive Women Physically Disabled (L/T/A)
 Charles Lenneman — 7th  Adaptive Men Intellectually Disabled (L/T/A)
 Geoffrey Vincent — 3rd  Veteran D (age 65-69) Men 500M Sprint Championship
 Bob Reichart — 3rd Open Men Erg Marathon (42,195M)

Detailed Results: http://ergsprints.com/2017-results/


The Rowers:  23 rowers and two coxes turned out.  Andy volunteered to cox ‘Endurance’ with the 3 and 4 seats empty.  Sam M took ‘Spirit’ while Shannon took ‘Capital Gain’.

The Workout:  A mix of static and moving drills on the way down to the Navy Yard.  Done by fours and aimed at getting the crew together at the finish of the stroke and the recovery.  The workout was ‘builders’ ie: four minutes @ 18 spm (75% pressure), three minutes @ 20 spm (80%), two minutes @ 22 spm (85% pressure) and one minute @ 24 spm (90% pressure), by eights (or by six in the case of ‘Endurance’. 

Each ten minute segment was repeated four times between the Navy Yard and the boathouse with one rowing turn (at the War College) and two spins (between 11th St and Pennsylvania Ave bridges).

The Water:  Bright, sunny and (by the end) warm.  Brisk wind which whipped up the water on exposed reaches.  We celebrated the start of the Summer season with breakfast at the boathouse afterwards.


The Rowers:  The day before the Stonewall Regatta 25 rowers turned up with one cox.  Sri volunteered to cox ‘Endurance’. Liz Thomson and Marty Burkhardt volunteered to share ‘Capital Spirit’ coxing. Shannon took ‘Capital Gain’ with the 4 seat empty.

The Workout:  Rowed by fours between Pennsylvania Ave Bridge and the ballpark, practicing static and pause drills, focusing on getting the individual parts of the stroke together.  Rowed home by eights (or sevens in the case of ‘Gain’) at 18-20 from the War College. Practiced a racing start at the Stonewall start line and rowed through to the finish.

The Water:  A fine morning, overcast with a light wind ruffling the surface.

PRACTICE SUMMARY, MAY 22, 2016 BY Susie Allen

The Rowers:  17 rowers turned out plus three coxes.  Sam M took ‘Capital Gain’ with Sara as the stroke and Shannon took ‘Endurance’ with John as stroke. Susie opted to ride the launch and Jonathan went home as we only needed 2 coxswains.

The Workout: The focus was again on the entry and horizontal drive, with stationary drills between the Pennsylvania Ave and South Capital St bridges: working on catch placement variations from 1/2 slide to the catch and finish to the catch. This was done by 4s rotating on the square.  

From South Capital Street it was regular rowing by 6s (rotating) and 8s up the Washington Channel where we spun. The workout from there was a continuous rowing of 3 minutes on, and 2 minutes off, changing the rating on the “on” segments and paddling at an 18 on the “off” segments. 

The Water:  Cold and wet.  A light wind and calm water.  

Post Practice: 3 went for coffee, approximately 5 stayed at the boathouse for Bioswale work, most went home for a hot shower!