Board Members

Board of Directors for the 2010 Season


Kelley O’Connell

Vice-President of Operations

Gretchen Abell

Vice-President of Resources

Deborah Pianko

Vice-President of Membership

Brett Rini


Chris Erling

Development Director

Michael Brown

Social Director

Anne Iyer

Community Programs

Meredith Miller

Race Czarina

Christina Erling

Clothing and Capital Gear

Shannon Stichman

Transportation Captain

Dave Barksdale


Thomas Peng

Board Member

Nathan Ballou

Board Member

Kyle Bates

Board Member

Peter Courtney

Board Member

Rebecca Friend

Safety Captain TJ Riley
Capital Sprints Director Sue & Craig McKay
ACBA Rep & ACBA President Jennifer Ney
ACBA Representative Tom Dalton


Program Representatives for the 2010 Season

Club AM Abigail Potter
Club PM Darby Wiggins
Sculling and Small Boats Program Abigail Constantino
Seniors & Weekends Jim Smailes
Competitive Men Michael Zgoda
Competitive Women Fana Gebeyehu-Houston