Head of the Anacostia

Come for the racing, stay for the pie!

2017 Head of the Anacostia is this weekend — September 23rd!

Get all the needed info on the regatta page here .

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  • These are volunteers positions on land, including set-ups, selling merchandising, directing parking traffic, etc.

  • These are volunteers positions on the water, including launch drivers, stake boat holders, dock master, launch and recover assistants, etc.

RaceRoundUp: Bayada Regatta

Para-rowers from the US and Canada raced 1000 meters down the Schuylkill River in Philadelphia, PA.

Capital Adaptive (CARP) had 9 rowers compete in 12 events and won 15 medals: 8 gold, 4 silver, 3 bronze. We medaled in every event we raced in. Every rower medaled at least once.

Official event names are below. Note: There is a new classification system in para-rowing: PR 1 (formerly known as AS: arms/shoulders), PR 2 (formerly known as TA: trunk/arms), and PR 3 (formerly know as LTA: legs/trunk/arms).

In event #1, Dammie raced in a single. He wore a headset and Leon from Capital Jr.s was in his own single, ahead of him, with a headset with a microphone, giving Dammie steering instructions. This has been a goal of Dammie’s for years and thanks to Leon and support of the club in allowing coaching hours, loaning us Leon, as well as the Skyes boat with which he raced, we were finally able to make it happen!

  • 1 PR3 1x Mens Cat B – Dammie (guided by volunteer Leon from Capital jrs) 1st
  • 1 PR3 1x Mens Cat B – Dan 2nd
  • 5 PR3 1x Womens Cat A-F – Margaret 1st
  • 6 PR3 1x Womens Cat G+ – Sarah 3rd
  • 10 PR1 1x Mens Cat C-D – Shannon 1st
  • 10 PR1 1x Mens Cat C-D – Joe (beat his time from last year by 30 seconds!) 3rd
  • 15 PR2 1x Mens – Kenny 1st
  • 17 PR3 2x Mens – Dammie and Dan 2nd
  • 19 Composite PR3 2x Mens Cat G+ – Chuck rowing with volunteer: Thyra 2nd
  • 21 PR3 2x Mixed – Margaret and Dan 3rd
  • 22 Composite PR2 2x Mens – Sherman rowing with volunteer: Lena (first time Bayada participants!) 1st
  • 23 Composite PR3 2x Mens Cat A-C – Dammie rowing with volunteer: Leon (from Capital jrs) 1st
  • 25a PR3 4+ Mixed 4+ with Dan and Margaret seat 1st
  • 25a PR3 4+ Mixed 4+ with Dammie 2nd
  • 30 PR2 2x Mixed/Mens – Kenny and Shannon 1st

Here is a link to the official medal count:

Thank you Capital for the notes and messages of encouragement this weekend! A massive shout-out again to Club PM for helping unload the trailer upon our return to the boathouse! And again, can’t thank all our volunteers from club Capital, JUNIORS, and the community at large for all the support- we can’t do it without you!
Go Capital, go CARP!

CRC Juniors Learn to Row Camp 2017!

Learn rowing at Capital Rowing Club in a free one week summer camp! No previous experience is needed. The camp will run for a half-day Monday – Friday, with the option of doing additional weeks during the summer. You can sign up for any of the weeks.

General Information

  • Dates:
    • Week 1: Monday June 19 – Friday June 23
    • Week 2: Monday July 10 – Friday July 14
    • Week 3: Monday July 17 – Friday July 21
  • Time: 9am-12pm
  • Ages: Rising 7th grader or 12 years old – 16 years old
  • Cost: Free


  • Students and parents are asked to provide a short response about why they want to learn to row (application link is below).
  • Students will have to inform us about their swimming proficiency. If your child does not know how to swim, they will be required to wear a personal floatation device (life vest) in the boat while learning to row.

Applications are now closed.

Deadline to apply: May 26th, 2017
Notification of camp assignment: May 30th, 2017

RaceRoundup: James River Sprints 2017

Capital Juniors had their first regatta of the season on April 8th. The tough conditions proved to be challenging for the Capital Juniors Varsity, but brought out a strong showing from the Capital Juniors Novice. Each event ran in multiple heats without progression to a final.

Event Place
Women’s Novice 4+ 2 entries, 4 of 4, 3 of 3
Men’s 4+ 4 of 4
Women’s 8+ 4 of 4
Men’s Novice 4+ (pictured above) 1 of 4
Women’s Novice 8+ (pictured above) 1 of 5
Men’s 2x 3 of 5
Women’s 2x 2 entries, both 2 of 4
Women’s 4+ 2 entries, both 4 of 5
Mixed 8+ 3 of 3
Upcoming races
  • April 30th – The Cooper Cup
  • May 7th – Baltimore Invitational
  • May 13th-14th – Mid-Atlantic Youth Championships