RaceRoundup: James River Sprints 2017

Capital Juniors had their first regatta of the season on April 8th. The tough conditions proved to be challenging for the Capital Juniors Varsity, but brought out a strong showing from the Capital Juniors Novice. Each event ran in multiple heats without progression to a final.

Event Place
Women’s Novice 4+ 2 entries, 4 of 4, 3 of 3
Men’s 4+ 4 of 4
Women’s 8+ 4 of 4
Men’s Novice 4+ (pictured above) 1 of 4
Women’s Novice 8+ (pictured above) 1 of 5
Men’s 2x 3 of 5
Women’s 2x 2 entries, both 2 of 4
Women’s 4+ 2 entries, both 4 of 5
Mixed 8+ 3 of 3
Upcoming races
  • April 30th – The Cooper Cup
  • May 7th – Baltimore Invitational
  • May 13th-14th – Mid-Atlantic Youth Championships

RaceRoundup: Mid Atlantic Erg Sprint Results 2017

Congrats to everyone who raced at MidAtlantic Erg Sprints this year!

Capital Rowing Club had 43 Entries in Juniors and Masters categories, and placed 4th Overall in the Team Awards with 174 points. See below for all of the athletes who finished in the Top 10 in their event.

Athlete Event
Michael Riegelman — 1st Master (age 30-39) Men 30-Minute Row
Brian Luhman — 2nd Master (age 30-39) Men 30-Minute Row
Brandon DuBois — 1st Veteran A (age 50-54) Men 30-Minute Row
Gary Dean — 5th Veteran B (age 55-59) Men 30-Minute Row
David Lippold — 5th Veteran C (age 60-64) Men 30-Minute Row
Geoffrey Vincent — 3rd Veteran D+ (age 65+) Men 30-Minute Row
Craig McKay — 3rd Veteran B (age 55-59) Men 2000M
Robert Best — 2nd Senior (age 40-49) Men 2000M
Jonathan Abrams — 9th Master (age 30-39) Men 2000M
Jessica Cooper — 2nd Master (age 30-39) Women 2000M
Okhee Shim — 3rd Master (age 30-39) Women 2000M
Anna Gorlick — 5th Junior (age 16) Lightweight Women 1500M
Shannon Franks — 4th Adaptive Men Physically Disabled (A/S)
 Chip Battoe — 1st Adaptive Men Physically Disabled (T/A)
 Sherman Anderson — 2nd Adaptive Men Physically Disabled (T/A)
 Daniel Longo — 3rd Adaptive Men Physically Disabled (L/T/A)
 Anne Rader — 2nd Adaptive Women Physically Disabled (L/T/A)
 Charles Lenneman — 7th  Adaptive Men Intellectually Disabled (L/T/A)
 Geoffrey Vincent — 3rd  Veteran D (age 65-69) Men 500M Sprint Championship
 Bob Reichart — 3rd Open Men Erg Marathon (42,195M)

Detailed Results: http://ergsprints.com/2017-results/

Congrats to Everyone that Participated in the Concept 2 January Challenge

Capital Rowing Club’s team who finished 26th of 572 team world-wide in the Concept 2 Virtual Team Erg Challenge for the month of January!!   The team came in 8th of the 130 on-water teams.  Capital’s 61-member team erged an impressive total of 5,535,579 meters in January. The top ranked team with 54,782,045 meters is Boston Rowing Federation with 428 members.  Number two is the French Indoor Rowers Team, with 466 members who logged 52,146,405 m in January.  

Congratulations to those at the top of Capital’s team!  Scullers Alexander Lee and Chantel Sheaks did 513K meters and 311K meters respectively.   Erging over 200K m during the month are:  Brandon DuBois, Steve Neumann, Brian Luhman, Geoffrey Brown, and Paul Pearlstein.  Over 150K m are Doug Lavin, Leslie Smith, David Lippold and Vincent Skwarek.  A total of TWENTY of Capital’s 61 rowers broke 100K meters.

Save the Date: Capital Juniors Ergathon is Feb 18, 2017

Read more about the Ergathon and get involved!

1. Donate to the Capital Juniors Ergathon — every $1000 over $10,000 raised, takes 12,000 meters off the total.

Designate your donation to all of the juniors or a particular Junior rower

2. Buy a ticket to participate — $20.

3. Buy a shirt designed by the Juniors! — $20 in advance, $25 at the event. (Or participate & buy a shirt.)

4. Volunteer at the event.

Podcast: Dispelling Rowing Myths

Owing to people’s lack of knowledge of what rowing entails, there is always a necessity for correcting misconceptions now and again. In addressing these erroneous beliefs comes this podcast titled Dispelling Rowing Myths. The 5 seconds shy of 5 minutes podcast is a collection of interviews of rowers ranging from a junior to an olympian. This collection of interviews include interview of the club’s Membership Vice President, Toni Kerns. The podcast is produced by the club’s Blind Magic Dammie Onafeko, A graduating senior majoring in Audio Production at Howard University, Washington – DC.

Enjoy listening!