Fall Fundraising Challenge

Capital has come a long way in the last 30 years! We have benefited enormously from the generosity of past and current members, in both large and small amounts.

This fundraising campaign challenges us all to invest in the club we love to ensure that we continue to have access to the equipment that we rely on and to provide a solid foundation for future members.

We are raising money for equipment-related expenses, including new sweep and sculling oars and shoes. It takes $3,000 to purchase 4 sweep oars, 1 pair of sculling oars, and shoes.

With 215 active fall rowers, we can meet our goal if every member gives $55, as a single amount or in recurring monthly donations. Your support will help reach our goal of $12,000 to provide oars, shoes, and other necessary equipment to keep our fleet in prime condition for all CRC members.

Donate Today!


Capital is a 501(c)3 nonprofit and as such all donations to this fundraising effort are tax deductible.

Ready All, Row! Donate to Capital’s Fleet Fundraising Campaign today!

Ready All, Row! is a year-long fundraising campaign designed to show that our commitment to excellence in rowing goes beyond solid technique on the water and extends to how we care for and maintain our fleet.

The board demonstrated its commitment to excellence by purchasing 4 boats this spring to benefit every program directly. These recent purchases were made with no financing, no fundraising and without dipping into reserves. While the Club was fortunate to have the funds to make such a large purchase this year, we recognize we cannot assume this will be the case every year.

The board would like to continue these efforts and is committed to maintaining a regular boat replacement schedule, providing dependable equipment for every program practice and ensuring the club has a reliable truck and trailer available for transporting our boats and equipment. That is why, the board is asking you to help us carry these commitments into 2018 and beyond by contributing to meeting our $50,000 fundraising goal between March 2017 and February 2018.

We hope all of you share the board’s commitment to excellence both on and off the water. Gifts of all sizes, both great and small, are truly appreciated and will combine together to make us all ready to row!