Updated ACBA COVID Procedures (5.21.21)


  • No masks required for fully vaccinated individuals.
  • Capacity limits removed.
  • Traffic pattern for site and ramps removed.

In addition to the ACBA guidelines below, Capital Rowing Club will:

  1. Continue to require that COVID daily self screening be documented in iCrew. Look for the thermometer at the top of the app or browser screen.
  2. Continue to track vaccination status in iCrew (purely voluntary) to determine rower eligibility for vaccinated team boats and assist with providing CRC ‘Fully Vaccinated” statistics to ACBA.
  3. Continue to require ALL rowers in a team boat with any unvaccinated rowers to wear masks.
  4. Continue to wash and clean the boats with fresh water and soap and then dry them when possible.
  5. Continue to use iCrew for non-COVID reasons including  to maintain an easy to see roster of current program participants; for coach-athlete communication; to track athlete data; for communicating and tracking required safety training; for equipment scheduling and coordination; and for tracking shell usage and damage, safety, attendance, etc. 

ACBA Boathouse Phase-2e 05.21.2021