Capital Rowing Club

Ronin Racing will always have the most up to date pricing, but our 2014 membership structure is below:


Program Membership 2014 Register Online

Annual Membership

$175 (sign up) 
Per Season:    
Club AM $135 (sign up) 
Club PM $115 (sign up) 
Competitive $180 (men)(women) 
INR $90 (sign up) 
Seniors and Weekenders $32 (sign up) 
Basic sculling $55 (sign up) 
Club sculling $100 (sign up) 
Competitive sculling $180 (sign up) 
Single rack fee $105 (sign up) 
Double rack fee $130 (sign up) 
Per Class:    
Novice Sweep $300  
Novice sculling – member $200  
Novice sculling – non member $250  
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If you have questions about joining Capital Rowing Club please email


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