Capital Rowing Club

The Capital Juniors Novice program seeks to introduce the sport of rowing to a new population of high school athletes. Rowers will train on indoor rowing machines, on rowing barges, and in racing shells. As the rowers progress, they will enter into competitive races. 

Absolutely no experience is required. Everyone is welcome to come and participate!

Rowers will learn every aspect of sweep rowing, including:

  • Basics of the rowing stroke and body mechanics
  • Fundamental boat topics such as set, run, ratio, and timing
  • Blade (oar) technique
  • Rowing terminology
  • Use of rowing machines (ergometers)
  • Introduction to training and racing
  • Boat safety
  • Equipment terminology and care

A typical practice might consist of the following activities:

  • A light jog and stretching
  • Land coaching via demonstrations on the ergometers (ergs)
  • Light erg sessions to practice technique and body mechanics
  • Rowing on the water using a training barge or in 8-person or 4-person rowing shells



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Novice Sweep rowing lessons are available all season.


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