Youth Program – Capital Juniors

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Capital Juniors is a competitive rowing program that builds in Washington, DC’s young people discipline, fitness, camaraderie, and stewardship for the Anacostia River.


Through our program, DC youth, especially those from low-income areas, have access to rowing and can apply the lessons they learn in excellence toward successful futures.


Capital Juniors began in 2010 with a handful of athletes from one school in the District because a DC public school teacher wanted to give her high-school students the opportunity to row. As a rower herself, she knew the profound outcomes of the sport (discipline, fitness, camaraderie, appreciation for the environment) and that it would take significant resources to start a team. Identifying the lack of public schools with rowing teams, she approached Capital Rowing Club to develop a program that would allow any student from any school – regardless of age, level of physical ability, or income – to row.

Over the past six years, the program has grown to include five coaches, its first full-time Executive Director in 2014, and a roster of roughly 60 students from over 12 schools representing all of DC’s wards.

Testimonials from Capital Juniors parents and rowers: Click here.


Due to Capital Rowing Club’s generous support, Capital Juniors has achieved the following:

  • Capital Juniors have a 100% graduation rate from high school and all rowers since 2010 have gone on to college.
  • Juniors have won medals at multiple local and regional regattas, and regularly travel to compete throughout the Mid-Atlantic region.
  • Juniors coaches have over 100 years of experience in rowing and have competed at the world, national, and collegiate levels.
  • The program has introduced hundreds of students to the character building experience of rowing.
  • The program represents a wide demographic bringing together all DC wards and over 16 schools.
  • Capital Juniors have a dedicated day during the week for academic programming to prepare students for future success and define the “student” in student-athlete.

Want to Join?

We are recruiting throughout 2016 and early 2017 for middle school and high school athletes (ages 13 – 18). We are particularly seeking more students from areas local to our boathouse (wards 6, 7, and 8). Email with your information (age, school, and current after-school activities).