Sculling & Small Boats

Sculling Programs

Capital Rowing Club’s Sculling and Small Boats program offers something for scullers of all skill levels. Capital offers structured coached programs in recreational and novice sculling. Scullers who have passed a flip test and demonstrated confidence and skill in a shell may also take out boats without a coach.

Capital maintains a fleet of small boats for use by certified members of the Sculling and Small Boats program. We also offer rack spaces for members who own their boats when space is available.

All interested rowers should contact for more information.

Independent Sculling Program:

Scullers registered for basic sculling may take out singles and doubles without a coach. They must have passed the flip test under observation from a Capital coach, must show competence in boat handling, and must be confident on the water without a coach. Equipment can be signed out when they are not in use during a coached program. Equipment availability is on a first-come, first-served basis. Equipment cannot be reserved.

Scullers who want to take out equipment on their own, without a coach, must register and pay the independent sculling fee, even if they are registered for another sculling or sweep program.

Club Sculling Program:

The Club Sculling program helps competent scullers of varying degrees of experience improve their technique, conditioning, and confidence on the water. The program consists of graduates of a novice class, experienced scullers, and recreational scullers. This program accommodates different levels of skills and experience and rowing and fitness goals. Some club scullers are active racers and some never race at all.

Practices are led by an experienced coach and are held three times a week. The first group practices on Tuesday and Thursday from 6:30 to 8:00 pm, and Saturday from 9:00 to 11:00 am. The second group practices on Monday and Wednesday from 6:30 to 8:00 pm, and Sunday from 9:00 to 11:00 am.

Competitive Sculling Program:

The Competitive Sculling program, which meets Monday to Friday from 5:30 to 7:00 am, is designed for advanced scullers who want to focus on racing. Find out more information on the Competitive Sculling page.

Novice Sculling Program:

Capital offers novice sculling classes led by experienced coaches. Novice sessions are generally held during the summer. Classes are generally held twice a week and each session runs for six weeks. Each class consists of 6–7 novice scullers. At least the first three weeks of class are spent working in doubles, learning technique and getting comfortable with handling two oars. Moving into singles is at the coach’s discretion. Focus is placed on safety, boat handling skills, and learning basic sculling technique. Previous sweep rowing experience required to sign up, and preference is given to existing Capital members.


Capital Rowing Club is a volunteer-run organization, and members are expected to volunteer at least four (4) hours each season. Opportunities can be found in the Volunteer section.

Racing and Regattas:

The Sculling and Small Boats Program Representative will send announcements for races and regattas. Instructions on how to sign up for a race will be sent by the representative. Scullers who want to use club equipment must determine availability with the representative.  Equipment can only be reserved on race day. Equipment cannot be reserved for practices.

Boat Storage:

The club has a limited number of rack spaces for private singles. If you wish to be placed on the waiting list for one of these spaces, please send an e mail with your full name and phone number to It is your responsibility to inform the sculling representative of any changes in your contact information. Failure to respond within 72 hours of notification of an opening will result in removal from the list.

Boat List (as of November 2021)


  1. Siberian Express (Maas 24 1x)
  2. Human Capital (Maas 24 1x 2019)
  3. Capital Donation (Yellow Peinert training 1x 2010)
  4. Firebird (Vespoli 1x) – Lightweight (110 – 145#)
  5. Capital Capital (Wintech 2x) – Heavyweight (185 – 225#)
  6. Callinectes (Hudson 2x) – Heavyweight * – outside rack
  7. Jovann & Kitty Porterfield (Empacher 2x) – Heavyweight *
  8. Capital Vice (Sykes 2x) – Mid-heavyweight (135-185#)
  9. Spencer (White&Green 2x) – Mid-heavyweight (135-185#)*

* Privately owned and available for use in coached programs and races only.


(may be used by Advanced Scullers, other scullers with coach’s supervision)

  1. Working Capital (Vespoli VHP27+ 1x) – Super Heavyweight (210-260#)
  2. Capital Bravery (Wintech Competition 1x) – Heavyweight (170-200#)***
  3. Capital Endeavor (Peinert 26-2015) – Mid-Heavyweight (150-220#)
  4. Capital Achievement (Peinert 26-2017) – Mid-Heavyweight (150-220#)
  5. Capital Velocity (Peinert 26-2018) – Mid-Heavyweight (150-220#)
  6. El Capital (Peinert 26-2018) – Mid-Heavyweight (150-210#)
  7. Sykes 1x– Lightweight (130-165#)
  8. Capital Pride (Peinert X25-2016) – Lightweight (110-160#)
  9. Nation’s Capital (Peinert X25-2017) – Lightweight (110-160#)
  10. Capital Pursuit (Peinert X25-2020) – Lightweight (110-160#)
  11. Capital Drive (Peinert x25-2020) – Lightweight (110-160#)
  12. Hello Kelley (Hudson 1x) – Lightweight (145-165#)*
  13. Capital Moxie (Vespoli Matrix 24 1x) – Lightweight (110-145#)
  14. Le Carpe Diem (Wintech International 2005) – Lightweight (110-145#)*
  15. Capital Lily (Vespoli VHP30 2x-2018) – Lightweight (145-185#)
  16. O Capital My Capital (Vespoli VHP29 2x-2017) –Ultra Lightweight (110-145#)
  17. Das Capital (Vespoli VHP 39 4x-2017)** ^– Midweight (130-170#) (coxed)
  18. Capital Pearl (Vespoli VHP 39 4x-2018)** – Midweight (130-170#)
* Callinectes, Le Carpe Diem, Hello Kelley and Spencer are privately owned and are available for use in coached programs, for races, or with owner’s permission only.
**The Quads may only be rowed with a launch present absent special permission from the sculling rep and VP of Operations.
*** Capital Capital and Capital Bravery are CARP boats that may be used by other coached programs with permission.
^ The Das Capital can be rigged as a coxed quad or four. During normal practice hours it may be in use by the sweep programs.



DO NOT row in a boat with a listed weight significantly lighter than your weight.  There is a significant potential for boat damage!


Proficient boat-handling skills (able to set boat in calm and rough water with blades off the water; can safely navigate in the more narrow and winding stretches above the railroad bridge; can safely handle sculling at dusk and dawn. May use any club boats at own risk, without supervision, and in accordance with the proper boat handling procedures and safety guidelines established by Capital.


Can handle, launch, steer, and land boats by themselves; can successfully navigate bridges and river obstacles; has sufficient boat-handling skills (balance, backing, turning, steering) to be safe and competent on the water. May use training/intermediate club boats at own risk and in accordance with the proper boat handling procedures and safety guidelines established by Capital without supervision between the railroad bridge and the green buoy below the South Capitol Street Bridge. May row within hailing distance of a sculling buddy (or coach in a launch) beyond the railroad bridge and the green buoy below the South Capitol Street Bridge.