Concept2 Virtual Team Challenge!

The Concept 2 Virtual Team Challenge is on!  –   Will you erg for Capital in January?
Capital Rowing Club will participate again this year in the Concept 2 Virtual Team Challenge.  TEAMS erg as many meters as they can collectively for the month of January.  (between 12:00 a.m. January 1 and 11:59 p.m. January 31).    Log your meters in your Concept 2 online logbook (free) and then watch the meters accumulate.   This will be Capital’s EIGHTH year of participation in the Challenge.  Let’s make it a good one!
If you’re new to Concept2, you will need to do 3 things:   (previous participants skip to #3)
 1.  Register for a Log book.  Go to the Concept 2 site and Click the ‘LOG’ tab.  Click Register under New Users and follow the directions.]
2.  Join the Capital Rowing Club team.  Click on the Teams tab.  In the Join a Team section, click Choose A Team and select our team, ‘Capital Rowing Club
All participants (new and previous) need to join the 2018 challenge (before Dec 30 if possible):
3.  Join the Virtual Team Challenge.  From the Team tab, click “Join Team Challenge in lower right corner.  When it says “You are signed up for this event’  you’re good to go.
Everyone – Notes from your Captain:   If you’d like to receive emails (stats, updates, encouragement) from your team captains, you must set that in your User Profile preferences.  Click your profile image – far upper right corner.  Click ‘edit profile’,  Contact preferences,  and check the last box in the set of options     “Receive mass emails from your team captain”.
Final instruction:  ERG all during the month of January and enter all of your meters into your online logbook!
So sign up and get ready to erg at midnight Dec 31!  (what’s that you say? …Party?  You aren’t going to be erging?  Are you crazy?)
Lisa and I will cheer you on via C2 email and postings.  Do not delay!  Teams around the World will be looking for Capital again this year – we will not disappoint.
Let’s GO CAPITAL!    Let’s crush this Challenge!  Everybody in!
Aren’t you glad it’s January?  Oh those darling ergs!  Just can’t wait!