Juniors Winter Tryouts!

Are you in 8th-12th grade (or know someone who is?)? Capital Juniors is holding tryouts the first week in January!

Build excellence through camaraderie, fitness, dedication, and community stewardship.

  • Where: Anacostia Community Boathouse
  • When: January 8-12, 2018 (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday), 4:30-6:30pm
  • Grades 8-12
  • Beginners Welcome!
  • Scholarships Available

Contact juniors_rep@capitalrowing.org for more information.

Winter training will include a combination of erg workouts as well as strength and body weight routines, calisthenics, and other cardio activities. Like rowing on the water, the erg workouts will help you retain your muscle memory and rowing technique. And they will also help you transition from the longer head-race-style rows of fall season to the shorter sprint-style rows of sprint season. The erg workouts will be hard, but a lot of fun! Think: relay races! Think: Taylor Swift sing-alongs! Think: Mulan watch-alongs!
The other workouts will mostly feature body weights, which is a great way to develop your power, especially your core strength, which is so crucial for the sprint races. These workouts are a great way to challenge yourself and push your limits. At the beginning of winter training, you might be able to do 5 push-ups. At the end of winter training, you might be able to 10, or more. See what you can achieve!
Another aspect of winter training, and maybe the most important one is the camaraderie developed over 8 weeks of hard work. It’s things like competing together in races and working out together in winter training that make a team cohesive. It’s why professional teams like the Nats and Redskins and Caps do some sort of off-season training together. Without it, they would lose momentum and solidarity.
Contact juniors_rep@capitalrowing.org for more information.

Winter Erging 2017-2018

Winter training starts this week. We will be doing winter training like we did last year. Please read the entire post for how it works, how to pay, how to sign up for class, and who is coaching.

You can pay for 1, 2, or 3 sessions per week or unlimited sessions each week (meaning you can go to all 5 erging sessions each week).

Price for the entire winter season:
  • Once a week $75
  • Twice a week $150
  • Three times a week $225
  • Unlimited $337.50

How it works: Go into your mind body account. Choose the number of sessions you want to erg each week and pay.

Once you have paid….Each week sign up for the class you want to go to on mind body by using this link- You must pay before you can sign up. We are asking that you sign up to give folks an idea how many people have signed up for that class on that day. Remember there are only 23 ergs. If more than 23 people show up then you will likely do some erging and some circuit training. If you sign up for class but decide to not come just cancel before class starts so you can sing up for another day that week.
Several of the coaches are recommending heart rate monitors for their class, compatible chest belts are here.

The Schedule and Start Dates-notice that some coaches do not start next week:


6:00-7:25 pm Monday- Bob R Start November 27
Bob’s session will focus on developing a strong fitness base for the spring season while reinforcing solid stroke fundamentals.  Sessions will include a short warm-up and 50-60 minutes of rowing at various intensities.  Great opportunity to log meters for the C2 Holiday and January Viertual Team Challenges.
6-6:55 am Wednesday- Zoe–Start November 29
Wednesday classes will be interval-focused. We will start out focusing on Anaerobic Threshold to complement the other base-building days, and towards spring will transition to sprint intervals. I recommend creating a log book of the splits you pull for similar workouts (there will be repeats) so you can see your progress over the months and race against yourself.

7:30-8:55 pm Wednesday- Abigail–Start November 30
The Wednesday classes will be focused on two goals: (1) Preparing for Mid-Atlantic Erg Sprints; and (2) Preparing for spring season erg tests. The classes will be a combination of sprint and cardio work that is designed to prepare you for sprints (2k) and longer pieces (5k, 6k, 30 minutes). Heart rate monitors will be highly recommended.

6-6:55 am Thursday- Guennadi–Starts on December 7th
Thursday sessions will be a 2 x 20 min row, alternating steady state with technique drills. Intensity will vary from 70 to 80% of one’s max heart rate. Therefore, having a heart rate monitor would be helpful. For those who will have time, each session will end with one core circuit consisting of seven stations. Core circuit will take approximately 15 minutes.

1:00-2:25 pm Saturday- with a variety of coaches–Starts on December 2nd (Coach Bob will be at the first class)
Saturday sessions will be endurance focused. The class will have rotating coaches so you can experience the best of all Capital’s coaches.


Due to the extensive, expensive cold weather damage over the years, the bathrooms and showers will be locked and drained of water by once the weather turns freezing. The pipes have burst in previous years and it’s simply unsustainable to keep them operating in the freezing weather. The port-a-potties in the parking lot are still available. Please remember to  bring your own water from home.

#GivingTuesday — Support Capital today!

Today, we need you to help us reach our $6,000 #GivingTuesday goal!

Donate online now at CRC #GivingTuesday Donation Page to support Capital Rowing this #GivingTuesday.

Thanks to the generosity of two lead supporters, your donation will be matched dollar for dollar, up to $3,000!  If you can be part of donating $3,000 through our Giving Tuesday page, with that 50% match, we will hit our goal with no problem!

Please, help us continue providing quality-rowing opportunities to everyone in our nations capital.  As our matching gift donor, Michael Brown said it best,

“No matter where life might take you, Capital will always be your home rowing club.  Capital is a club where you will always be welcome to row and will never be a stranger.  Please consider a donation to help Capital continue to thrive.”

Congrats to the 2018 Board of Directors!

Hello Capital!

Many thanks to all who voted in the elections. Please find below Capital‘s 2018 elected Board of Directors and Program Reps. Congratulations to our newest leadership team; we are excited for 2018!

A HUGE thank you to our Volunteers of the Year: Stephanie Acerra and Lain Wilson. Steph, you spend countless hours driving trailers, wrangling and organizing all of our regatta entries, keeping track of our US rowing memberships and so much more. Lain, we can always count on you to step up when help is needed…at learn to row, a community festival, or a regatta…someone says help and you magically appear. Thank you both for your time, excellent driving skills (Steph) and wisdom. Words can not express our gratitude for all you both do for the club.

2017 Capital Rowing Club Elected Officials 
President — Kirsten Peterson (2 year term, entering 2nd year)
VP of Resources –James Mauro (2 year term, entering 1st year)
VP of Operations — Mike Neumann
VP of Membership — Toni Kerns
Secretary — Lain Wilson
Directors at Large:
Stephanie Acerra
Kate Beukenkamp
Anne Diggs
June Marshall
Social Director 
Jacqueline Battistini

Program Reps:
Club AM — Mark Lance
Club PM — Mary McMenamin
Club Sculling — Chantel Sheaks
Comp Sculling — Rob Best
Comp Men — Craig McKay
Comp Women — Jacqueline Battistini
SAW (co-reps) — Sarah Grimes and Susie Allen Serpinski

If you have any questions, please submit them to membership@capitalrowing.org. On behalf of the 2017 Board of Directors, it has been a pleasure to serve the Club, and we look forward to closing out another successful year at Capital Rowing Club and welcoming the 2018 officials.

Capital Juniors is hiring for coaches!

Are you in the DC area and interested in coaching juniors? Capital Juniors is looking for a few more coaches for this fall.

Check out the posting on row2k and below, and reach out to juniorscommittee@capitalrowing.org with a resume if you are interested.


Capital Rowing Club Juniors is seeking head novice coaches for the 2016-2017 rowing season. We are a competitive co-ed club program committed to providing rowing opportunities to all students in the Washington, DC area, particularly those from low-income areas. Now in its 7th year, Capital has a history of success both on and off the water, and is seeking candidates who can continue this tradition.

More information can be found at http://www.capitalrowing.org/crcwp/join/special-programs/juniors/


  • Leading our novice girls or novice boys program
  • Recruiting and retaining new athletes
  • Fostering a positive, accepting, and competitive environment
  • Working with athletes of varying backgrounds and athletic ability
  • Maintaining all safety standards
  • Promoting the culture and mission of the program


Capital Juniors offers fall, winter, and spring programs from September 6th through mid-May. We practice Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday from 4:30-6:30 pm at the Anacostia Community Boathouse


  • Positive, inspirational attitude
  • Leadership and strong communication skills
  • Rowing and/or coaching experience
  • Ability to work with a diverse population

Interested applicants should submit a resume to juniorscommittee@capitalrowing.org