Phase 2 ACBA Rules and Requirements: COVID-19



  1. Self-Monitoring: Anyone coming to the boathouse is required to take their own temperature that day, prior to arrival at the boathouse.  If their temperature is 100.4 degrees or greater, or they have other COVID-19 symptoms, do not come to the boathouse. If they have experienced symptoms of COVID-19 within the last 14 days, do not come to the boathouse. If they have had any close contact with an individual who has a confirmed coronavirus diagnosis and/or who is presumed to have coronavirus, do not come to the boathouse. If they become ill within one week of using ACBA facilities, please consider reporting this to


  1.  Reservations:  We are limiting the number of people at the boathouse.  Athletes MUST reserve a boat and launch time slot on the iCrew app/booking system, or have a planned attendance in a coached program, before coming to the boathouse. ICrew allows us to limit the numbers at the boathouse and have a record if contact tracing is needed. Only ACBA members are allowed to make reservations; no guests or non-members. No reservations can be made for rowing or paddling ergs at this time.  Reservation slots will become available a day ahead of time, and reservations can be made on a first come, first served basis. Reservation slots will be available for 2 hour windows between the hours of 5am and 9pm everyday. If an athlete can no longer make their reservation, they MUST cancel their reservation as a courtesy to other athletes.


  1.  Group Limits:  Coached programs are limited to groups of 12, including the coach.  Individuals or household users at the boathouse are limited to 25 or less for Phase 2. The ACBA Reopening Committee will continue to reassess usage trends and follow local guidance to move into future phases of ACBA usage with potentially loosened restrictions.


  1.   “Get In, Train, Get Out!”  Athletes, including coached programs, must come ready to row/paddle and leave after their boat has been put away within their reserved time slot only. Take away anything brought in, there will NO storing of anything at the boathouse.


  1.  Cleaning and Sanitizing:  All  must sanitize or wash their hands immediately upon arrival (i.e. leaving your bike/car, or in the bathroom on the way in) and after completing their workout.


  1.  Masks:  All individuals entering ACBA premises must wear a mask on land (e.g., in front of the small tent/clubhouse, in the big tent/boathouse, on the apron [area in front of the big tent where slings are put out to wash boats], on the dock, in the bathrooms, on the parking lot). A mask is not required on the water. Masks must be donned upon return to the dock and until the athlete and coach leave the ACBA premises. Masks must be worn in addition to social distancing measures.


  1.  Social Distancing:  Athletes must maintain a distance of greater than 6 feet from other persons at the boathouse and on the water.


  1.  Equipment Handling:  All athletes are responsible for their own equipment. This means carrying in-and-out the boathouse, to and from the dock, and cleaning all equipment used. Assistance in carrying boats is allowed in coached programs if the users maintain the required 6 feet distance.


  1.  Float Plan:  For individual users, remember to electronically sign in and out for your outing within iCrew.


  1. Parking Lot Gate: For the security of your personal property during times of minimal boathouse usage, the parking lot gate is to remain locked. Lock it back up as you enter and lock it back up when you leave. Yes – upon arrival, lock yourself in. We have had theft while users have been on the water.


  1. Bathrooms: Bathrooms can be used at one’s own risk. Please limit bathroom use to one individual at a time. Users must wash hands thoroughly with soap and water after use.


  1. Locker rooms and Showers: The locker rooms and showers will remain closed at this time.


  1. Frederick Douglass Memorial Bridge Project has reduced the lone passage arch from 150 feet to 71 feet through October of this year.  Sharing this arch in both directions with large motorized boats was a safety hazard at 150′ – now it is even more dangerous.  ACBA encourages all users to stay upriver of the Bridge project.  


  1. Respect the privilege: Paddling/rowing at the ACBA, especially during this time, is a privilege. Please respect all guidance put in place to keep all our athletes safe. The ACBA Reopening Committee and Board of Directors reserves the right to further restrict use, re-close the boathouse, or loosen restrictions at any time, pending local trends, safety concerns, and/or local guidance and regulations.

Cleaning and Disinfecting:

  • All boats must be washed down with soap and water and dried before returning to the boathouse. No exceptions.  All users are responsible for bringing their own soap to wash down boats.
  • Everything you touch must be disinfected.  Cockpit, oar handles and carrying points on the shaft. No exceptions.  All users are responsible for bringing their own soap to wash down equipment and other touch points.
  • You must disinfect/wipe down anything they touch with disinfectant spray or towelette as they leave the ACBA property (e.g., gates, locks, tent bay doors, hose, water spigot). Disinfectant supplies must be brought by the athlete.
  • Please take away anything brought in, there will be NO storing of anything at the boathouse.

Land Traffic Pattern:

  • Upon arrival to the boathouse, the athlete/coach will use the path on the left/bathroom side of the small tent/clubhouse.
  • Leaving the boathouse, the athlete/coach will use the path on the right/water side of the small tent/clubhouse.

Dock Traffic Pattern:

  • Take your boat to the water on the Middle Ramp, closest to the Small Tent/Boathouse.
  • Return your boat using the East Ramp, closest to the Big Tent/ Boathouse.

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