Member Handbook

Welcome to Capital Rowing Club


Capital Rowing Club is committed to bringing rowing opportunities and excellence in rowing to the diverse community of the Anacostia River and the larger Washington DC area. Capital is a volunteer-directed, non-profit, educational organization offering rowing instruction for people of all ages, income, and levels of physical ability.Capital Rowing Club offers the benefits of recreational and competitive rowing– discipline, camaraderie, fitness, knowledge of water safety, and the appreciation for the Anacostia River as a valuable natural and recreational resource—to everyone.


Capital Rowing Club is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization run solely by volunteers. Formed in 1988, Capital has grown into a nationally competitive team. Capital offers novice, intermediate and competitive programs in sweep rowing and sculling. CRC is located at the Anacostia Community Boathouse, 1900 M Street, SE Washington DC 20003.


As a non-profit organization, CRC depends entirely on the talents and energies of members and volunteers and the generosity of sponsors. Thanks to generous donors, Capital has made significant progress towards reaching our ultimate goal of making rowing an accessible, affordable and fun activity for all the residents of Washington, DC. Some of our community-focused accomplishments from the past seasons include:

  • Learn-to-Row Days: one-day free instructional clinics to introduce rowing in Southeast DC to the general public;
  • Youth Sports Day: an effort to promote Olympic sports throughout the region and to raise awareness about the importance of physical activity for our children;
  • Professionals in the City: social networking event that brought together people with a common interest in learning how to row;
  • Cornell University Alumni Event: Cornell University Crew alumni reception hosted by CRC;
  • Georgetown University and The George Washington University Crews: CRC hosted Georgetown and GWU crew practices during unsafe water conditions in the Potomac, in an effort to extend camaraderie and sportsmanship within the local rowing community;
  • Novice Programs: intensive and comprehensive programs that teach rowing to people from all groups in the community;
  • Barracks Row Oktoberfest: 8th Street festival where CRC demonstrated rowing and introduce the activities at the Anacostia Community Boathouse.

Club Officers and Contact Information


Capital Rowing is lead by an elected group of board members. Board meetings are held once a month and are open to all. Dates and locations of meetings are announced through the listserv.




Capital rowing club’s members dues are based on three seasons per year, starting in late March and running through early November. Each season is approximately 10-11 weeks long. Below are lists of current programs and membership dues:

Program Membership (2019)
Fees (2019)
Annual Membership $ 300
Morning Sweep $ 155
Evening Sweep $ 155
Club Sculling $ 120
Competitive (Men & Women) $ 205
INR $ 105
Independent (Basic) Sculling $ 75
Competitive Sculling $ 205
Single (1x) Rack Fee $ 135
Double (2x) Rack Fee
Weekend Sweep $ 40
Novice Sweep (per class) $ 350
Novice Sculling (member) $ 250
Novice Sculling (non-member) $ 265

Rowers in the Competitive and Club programs are allowed one week of rowing before dues must be paid. After the one-week grace period, the rower will not be allowed to row unless dues have been paid in full OR unless prior arrangement has been made with your program representative, for an alternative payment schedule.


Club members should provide an email address to their respective Program Representatives to be included in their individual programs’ listservs and the everybody listserv. Members registered for multiple programs should contact each program’s representative.

Members should place their e-mail address on the club lists as soon as possible to avoid missing any club announcements.


Beyond paying membership dues, some Capital members may also incur other expenses throughout the year. The major ones are:

  • Transportation, food, and lodging related to regattas
  • CRC clothing or uniforms
  • CRC fund raising events or donations

Rowing Programs

Program Description Practice Schedule
Program Rep or Contact
Competitive Sweep Rowing
For the serious rower who wishes to attend and win at regattas
M – F

Morning Sweep
For the rower who wishes to develop the skills needed to become a competitive rower.
M – F
Evening Sweep
For the rower who wishes to develop rowing skills in a structured but relaxed atmosphere.

Sculling & Small Boats Program
Scullers and rowers active at the recreational, competitive masters, and elite levels. Includes competitive and intermediate levels.
Contact Program Rep for details.
Weekend Sweep
For novice and experienced rowers of all ages, who wish to continue participating in the sport of rowing in a relaxed, coached environment once a week, on the weekend.

Racing and Regattas


Race Fees are generally $20 per race but may vary depending on the Regatta.  Sweep Race fees are paid through the Ronin Website and  are due no later than the end of the season in which the regatta took place.

Capital Rowing Club participates in approximately 14 regattas throughout the year. Depending on your particular program and situation, you may race at all, some, or none of these regattas.


Line-ups are made at the discretion of the coaches. To be included in a line-up, members must inform their respective Program Representatives, before the race deadline, that they would like to participate in a particular race. Calls for races are announced via the listserv. Capital participates in sprint and head races.


Members participating in a regatta that requires transporting boats and equipment to the race site must load their equipment on the trailer before the race and unload them after the race.

Scullers loading their own or club equipment should contact the Sculling & Small Boats Representative and the Transportation Captain to ensure room on the trailer.


Capital hosts the Anacostia Sprints (Juniors regatta) in the spring, the Robert E. Day Jr. Capital Sprints in July, and the Head of the Anacostia (HoTA) in the fall (on hiatus in 2019). Volunteer opportunities for members are available for both events.

Volunteer Activities

All club members must participate in Take Out and Put Away days at the beginning and end of each year. All club members are expected to assist in at least 4 hours of volunteering each season (spring, summer, and fall). These activities may include helping to coach the novice classes, assisting with Capital’s youth activities, planning and assisting in the Community Learn-to-Row days, participating in the Anacostia River Clean Up Day, helping plan fundraising activities, etc.

Announcements for volunteer opportunities are sent via the listserv, and are also available on our website. Program Representatives for each program can also provide information for volunteer services.



Sweep Boats
Capital’s sweep boats are available for use during scheduled, coached practice sessions.

Small Boats
Club-owned singles, doubles, and pairs maybe taken out by a small-boat certified club member. All participants must sign out before going out on the water. Contact the Sculling and Small Boats Program Representative for more information; or consult the Sculling and Small Boats Manual (July 2018).

The club-owned quad is available for use during coached practice sessions.

Cox Boxes and Launch Equipment
Cox boxes, PFDs, radios, and other tools are kept in the back office of the boathouse. They are available only when the office is unlocked.

Launches and Barges
Launches may only be used by coaches during practice sessions or by certified launch drivers during club-hosted events. Barges may be used under the supervision of a coach.

Ergometers are located in the main boathouse building and the second building on the left. Capital ergometers are identified by stickers and labels.


Report needed repairs and damages in the repair log sheet located in front of the sculling table. The clipboard is posted on the rack to the left of the middle bay upon the boathouse entrance.

Coxswains and Coxing

Designated coxswains are exempt from fees and dues. All club members take turns coxing for their individual programs during practices and races if there are no or not enough designated coxswains. Refer to the Coxswains’ Manual for more details.

Novice Rowing Programs


Individuals interested in participating in the novice sweep program should register online (see here). Payments can be made online or by check. Other arrangements must be made with the VP of Membership ( or the Novice Sweep Coordinator prior to the first day of class. Each class size is limited to 24 novices. Cancellations must be given in writing to the VP of Membership one week prior to the first day of the class in order to receive a refund.

Individuals interested in participating in the novice sculling program should contact the Sculling and Small Boats Representative.

Applicant assumes responsibility for any bank charges incurred by Capital Rowing Club as a result of either non-sufficient funds and/or stop payments on said check or credit card transaction.


Refer to Capital’s website ( for the novice practice schedule. Weekend and weekday classes are available.

Club Dues Policy for transitioning Novice Graduates to Club Programs:

 1) Annual Membership Dues:  Capital Rowing Club Members pay Annual Membership Dues each calendar year.  Novice graduates whose class ends in the Spring or Summer are only required to pay half annual dues in the year that they graduate. For classes ending in the Fall, annual dues are waived.

2) Program Fees:  The Capital Rowing Club year is broken into three seasons; Spring, Summer and Fall, generally lasting ten to eleven weeks.  Novice graduation is rarely concurrent with the start of a season. Therefore, if there are 4 weeks or less left in the season, program dues are waived for that season.  The novice graduate pays full program dues the following season. If there are 5 weeks or more left in a season, then full program dues are required to participate in the program.



Capital Rowing Club shares the boathouse, facilities, and the river with other ACBA members. High schools that row out of the boathouse include: Academy of the Holy Cross, Bishop Ireton HS, Gonzaga HS, and Wakefield HS.American University Rowing and DC Strokes Rowing Club also row out of the boathouse. Visit, for more information.


The lost and found area is located at the back of the boathouse next to the office.


The first aid station is located next to the restroom towards the back of the boathouse.


Lockers, located next to the restroom, have limited availability. Locks are not provided.

There is a mounted key rack in front of the bulletin board, located towards the back of the boathouse. The key rack is on the left boat rack, if you are facing the river.

Capital is not responsible for personal belongings stolen or damaged in the boathouse. Keep belongings safe by storing them in the vehicle or not bringing them to the boathouse.


Along with other ACBA members, Capital participates in maintaining the boathouse facilities. Club programs and members take turns with cleaning duties throughout the season. This is yet another volunteer opportunity.


If you are the last person to leave the boathouse at a particular time of the day or night, turn off the lights and close the gates and the doors.



Capital rowing club is dedicated to providing a safe rowing environment for our club members.  All members are required to read and to familiarize themselves with the Safety Manual.


Capital reserves the right to allow any of the following people to cancel any scheduled practice or event for safety reasons: President, Vice-Presidents, and any coach.  Refunds will not be given.


Capital uniforms and other club merchandise are available to club members by contacting  the Clothing and Capital Gear Representative.

Club Manuals

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Capital Rowing Club (CRC) members are typically assessed a flat $300 annual fee at the beginning of the year, and then pay a program-specific fee for each season they row (e.g. $205/season for competitive sweep). What does the club charge members who do not row all 3 seasons (e.g. only row 1 or 2 seasons)? Are they still assessed the full annual membership fee?

A: Members who only row one (1) season are assessed half (50%) of the annual membership fee (i.e. $150). Members who row two (2) or more seasons are assessed the full (100%) annual membership fee of $300.

Q: What does the club charge members who only row for part of a particular season? Is the member expected to pay for the whole season?

A: There is no discount provided off of program-specific dues. If a member rows all or part of a season, they are required to pay the full amount of that season’s program dues, plus the appropriate amount of annual membership fee (see above).

Q: Do people who store their boats at Capital Rowing Club have to pay an annual membership fee?

A: Yes. Individuals who store their private boats at Capital Rowing Club are considered full-fledged members of the club, and are entitled to all benefits associated with full membership. They are required to pay the full annual membership fee of $300, plus their respective boat storage fee each season.

Q: Do we allow new members to “try out” the club before officially joining and paying?

A: Yes, Capital Rowing Club allows all new members to row for one week, prior to being required to pay. A waiver should be signed prior to rowing.

Q: What discount, if any, is given to coaches who also row off of annual membership fee and/or program dues?

A: Starting in the 2009 season (beginning March ’09), Capital Rowing Club coaches will have their annual membership fee waived.

Q: Does this coaching-discount policy apply to coaches who don’t coach an entire season or an entire year (e.g. someone who coaches one novice class)?

A: Yes, this discount applies to all CRC coaches.

Q: Does the club offer refunds for novice classes or other program dues? What if someone has to drop out once the season has already begun?

A: The club does not refund annual membership fees or program dues, unless the class or program is cancelled by the club. VP of Membership in consultation with the Program Representative can grant exceptions when warranted.

Q: What is the “coxswain corps”? What discount is given to members for participating in the coxswain corps?

A: The “coxswain corps” is a discount off of program dues given to Club AM and Club PM rowers who are willing to serve as a coxswain one (1) day per week. The discount is $25 off of program dues, per season. A Club AM and Club PM member must let their program representative know at the beginning of each season if they choose to participate in the coxswain corps for that particular season.

Q: How much are race entry fees?

A: Race entry fees for sweep boats are generally $20 per rower/per race, but may vary based on the cost of the Regatta. This money pays for Capital’s boat entry fees, and travel costs to each regatta entered by the club. The exceptions to this rate are:

  • USRowing Masters Nationals – Higher seat fee is assessed (due to higher costs)
  • Head of the Charles Regatta – Higher seat fee is assessed (due to higher costs)
  • Robert E. Day Jr. Capital Sprints and Head of the Anacostia – Are generally one fee, “all you can row” events

Race fees are in addition to the annual membership fee and program dues.

Scullers often register and pay for races (and transport their boats) to regattas on their own. In this case, they are not assessed this $20 race fee by the club. However, for any races they participate in (i.e. sweep or sculling) for which Capital has registered the boat on behalf of the team or the individual, they must pay the appropriate fee.

Q: What is the process for handling returned checks/payments?

A: The club’s V.P. of Resources will notify the appropriate program representative that a payment has been returned by the bank. The program representative should reach out to the member to request re-submission of payment. There is a $20 “returned item” fee, assessed to the member. The member should include this $20 fee along with their re-submitted payment.

Q: What subsidies or reimbursements do coxswains get for traveling to Masters Nationals and/or Head of the Charles (i.e. regattas requiring extraordinary travel and overnight stay)?

A: For Masters Nationals (or equivalent national-level regatta), coxswains are given a reimbursement of up to $350 for their flight, or gas/tolls/mileage expense. They are also given a reimbursement of up to $50 per day for hotel costs. Coxswains must provide proof of these expenses (i.e. receipts) to the V.P. Resources before they can be reimbursed. The decision to fund a Coxswain’s expenses is made by the Program Rep and Coach. Coxes expenses are recouped by accordingly increased race fees for Masters Nationals.

Coxswains are not provided a subsidy or reimbursement for the Head of the Charles.

Q: What subsidies or reimbursements do people get for driving the trailer/truck to regattas?

A: For “local” races (i.e. those not requiring overnight stay), drivers are reimbursed for gas, tolls, parking, and any other expenses related to maintenance of the truck, trailer, or boats. For “long distance” races (i.e. those which require overnight stay), drivers are reimbursed for all of the aforementioned expenses, plus room and board during travel to and from the destination. Room and Board should not exceed $150 a day. Receipts for all expenses are submitted to the VP of Resources for reimbursement

Q: How does the club raise money to purchase new equipment (e.g. boats, launches)? Do club members have to raise money, or does it come from our dues?

A: The decision to purchase any club-owned boat is left to the discretion of the Capital Rowing Club Board of Directors who must determine if the club 1) has adequate cash reserves to fund the purchase, 2) can provide space in the boathouse for the new equipment, and 3) has a business need for the new equipment. It is also the expectation of the Board that the club/program directly benefiting from the new purchase organizes a club-wide fundraising campaign in support of the purchase. The amount to be fundraised for any new equipment purchase is predetermined by the Board and communicated to the benefiting club/program prior to the purchase being made.

The Board makes every attempt to maintain fairness amongst the programs with regards to boat purchases and heavily weighs business need (e.g. program enrollments, age of current fleet, safety, sharing agreements with other clubs) into every decision made.

On occasion, one or more members of a particular program decide they would like to donate or raise the entire cost of a new boat or other equipment. The Board fully supports such efforts and appreciates the willingness and dedication of club members who contribute in this manner. However, these purchases must be approved by the Board of Directors before they are made to provide an opportunity to discuss business need and boathouse accommodations.

Capital Rowing Club is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization. A tax receipt for the full value of any personal donation will be given to each member who contributes to the purchase of any club equipment.