Congrats to Everyone that Participated in the Concept 2 January Challenge

Capital Rowing Club’s team who finished 26th of 572 team world-wide in the Concept 2 Virtual Team Erg Challenge for the month of January!!   The team came in 8th of the 130 on-water teams.  Capital’s 61-member team erged an impressive total of 5,535,579 meters in January. The top ranked team with 54,782,045 meters is Boston Rowing Federation with 428 members.  Number two is the French Indoor Rowers Team, with 466 members who logged 52,146,405 m in January.  

Congratulations to those at the top of Capital’s team!  Scullers Alexander Lee and Chantel Sheaks did 513K meters and 311K meters respectively.   Erging over 200K m during the month are:  Brandon DuBois, Steve Neumann, Brian Luhman, Geoffrey Brown, and Paul Pearlstein.  Over 150K m are Doug Lavin, Leslie Smith, David Lippold and Vincent Skwarek.  A total of TWENTY of Capital’s 61 rowers broke 100K meters.