RaceRoundUp: 2017 USRowing Masters Nationals

Last Week, Capital Rowing Club earned 5th place overall out of 47 clubs competing at USRowing Masters Nationals. Out of 31 entries, Capital’s placed in 23 events, with an official medal count of 6 gold, 6 silver and 11 bronze.

Check out the results in detail on HereNow, or see the Capital highlights below:

Event Type Place
1 Mixed B 4+ 2nd & 3rd
14 Women’s Ltwt C 4+ 2nd
27 Mixed D 8+ 1st
43 Women’s Open B 8+ 1st & 5th
51 Men’s Club E-J 8+ 1st
76 Women’s Club B 8+ 3rd & 6th
79 Men’s Club E 4+ 2nd
84 Women’s Ltwt D 1x 2nd
96 Women’s Open C 4+ 3rd
102 Mixed B 8+ 3rd & 4th
118 Mixed A 8+ 2nd
129 Women’s Ltwt B 4+ 3rd
135 Men’s Open E 8+ 2nd
143 Women’s Open B 4+ 5th
149 Women’s Club A 8+ 3rd
162 Women’s Club B 4+ 1st & 3rd
172 Women’s Ltwt C 1x 3rd
183 Men’s Club F 4+ 1st
188 Men’s Club D 4+ 3rd
189 Women’s Club A 4x 1st
190 Women’s Ltwt A 2x 3rd
194 Men’s Open E 4+ 3rd

See you in Oakland in 2018!

Capital Rowing Club @ USRowing Masters Nationals

Hello teammates and friends!

We’re all excited to be here in Oak Ridge, Tennessee for the chance to race (and hopefully beat) this country’s top masters teams. We’d like you to join us! Every day the final races for each event will be live-streamed on YouTube at links included below and we’d love for you to cheer us on from home!

Here are the website links for everything related to Masters Nationals (there is a different link for each day) –

Final races usually begin at around 1:00-1:30 PM EDT each day, but be sure to check the US Rowing link included at the bottom of this message for any updates related to potential weather or other regatta delays. Please note that many of the events below have multiple pre-ceding heat races in which the various CRC boats need to do well prior to racing in finals for each event. You can check the results page on USRowing or Regatta Central to make sure your favorite Capital boat made it through to finals!

Capital Rowing Club (CRC) is participating in the following events:

Event Type Estimated Time of Final Race
1 Mixed B 4+ 14:45
14 Women’s Ltwt C 4+ 15:41
27 Mixed D 8+ 16:41
28 Men’s Club A 4+ 16:45
29 Women’s Club A 4+ 16:49
34 Men’s Open F-J 8+ 17:09
43 Women’s Open B 8+ 17:37
45 Women’s Open D 2x 17:45
51 Men’s Club E-J 8+ 18:09
53 Mixed E 4+ 13:30
57 Women’s Open F 1x 13:46
63 Women’s Ltwt A 4+ 14:10
76 Women’s Club B 8+ 15:06
79 Men’s Club E 4+ 15:18
84 Women’s Ltwt D 1x 15:46
96 Women’s Open C 4+ 16:42
102 Mixed B 8+ 17:06
105 Mixed D 4x 13:49
108 Women’s Open A 4+ 14:05
118 Mixed A 8+ 14:45
121 Men’s Open D 4+ 14:57
129 Women’s Ltwt B 4+ 15:33
130 Women’s Ltwt D 2x 15:37
134 Women’s Club C 8+ 15:53
135 Men’s Open E 8+ 15:57
143 Women’s Open B 4+ 16:33
149 Women’s Club A 8+ 17:01
151 Mixed E 2x 17:09
155 Mixed C 8+ 13:08
162 Women’s Club B 4+ 13:40
172 Women’s Ltwt C 1x 14:28
174 Women’s Open A 8+ 14:32
183 Men’s Club F 4+ 15:16
188 Men’s Club D 4+ 15:36
189 Women’s Club A 4x 15:40
190 Women’s Ltwt A 2x 15:44
194 Men’s Open E 4+ 16:00

The heat sheets for each day, as well as loads of additional information about Masters Nationals in general, are located here:  http://www.usrowing.org/event/2017-masters-national-championships/

Thanks for all of your support over the season. Go Capital!!

RaceRoundUp: Bayada Regatta

Para-rowers from the US and Canada raced 1000 meters down the Schuylkill River in Philadelphia, PA.

Capital Adaptive (CARP) had 9 rowers compete in 12 events and won 15 medals: 8 gold, 4 silver, 3 bronze. We medaled in every event we raced in. Every rower medaled at least once.

Official event names are below. Note: There is a new classification system in para-rowing: PR 1 (formerly known as AS: arms/shoulders), PR 2 (formerly known as TA: trunk/arms), and PR 3 (formerly know as LTA: legs/trunk/arms).

In event #1, Dammie raced in a single. He wore a headset and Leon from Capital Jr.s was in his own single, ahead of him, with a headset with a microphone, giving Dammie steering instructions. This has been a goal of Dammie’s for years and thanks to Leon and support of the club in allowing coaching hours, loaning us Leon, as well as the Skyes boat with which he raced, we were finally able to make it happen!

  • 1 PR3 1x Mens Cat B – Dammie (guided by volunteer Leon from Capital jrs) 1st
  • 1 PR3 1x Mens Cat B – Dan 2nd
  • 5 PR3 1x Womens Cat A-F – Margaret 1st
  • 6 PR3 1x Womens Cat G+ – Sarah 3rd
  • 10 PR1 1x Mens Cat C-D – Shannon 1st
  • 10 PR1 1x Mens Cat C-D – Joe (beat his time from last year by 30 seconds!) 3rd
  • 15 PR2 1x Mens – Kenny 1st
  • 17 PR3 2x Mens – Dammie and Dan 2nd
  • 19 Composite PR3 2x Mens Cat G+ – Chuck rowing with volunteer: Thyra 2nd
  • 21 PR3 2x Mixed – Margaret and Dan 3rd
  • 22 Composite PR2 2x Mens – Sherman rowing with volunteer: Lena (first time Bayada participants!) 1st
  • 23 Composite PR3 2x Mens Cat A-C – Dammie rowing with volunteer: Leon (from Capital jrs) 1st
  • 25a PR3 4+ Mixed 4+ with Dan and Margaret seat 1st
  • 25a PR3 4+ Mixed 4+ with Dammie 2nd
  • 30 PR2 2x Mixed/Mens – Kenny and Shannon 1st

Here is a link to the official medal count:

Thank you Capital for the notes and messages of encouragement this weekend! A massive shout-out again to Club PM for helping unload the trailer upon our return to the boathouse! And again, can’t thank all our volunteers from club Capital, JUNIORS, and the community at large for all the support- we can’t do it without you!
Go Capital, go CARP!

2017 Capital Juniors Tryouts

Why tryout for Capital Juniors? Watch this!

Want to tryout? Complete this form and come visit us from August 28, 2017 – September 1, 2017.


  • Where are tryouts? 1900 M Street SE.
  • What dates are tryouts? August 28, 2017 – September 1, 2017.
  • What time are tryouts? Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 4:30pm – 6:00pm.
  • How do I get there? Drive or metro. Metro to Potomac Ave Metro Station. On Day 1 of tryout week, coaches and students will meet new rowers at 4pm at the top of the escalators at Potomac Ave Metro Station. Maps here: https://www.capitalrowing.org/crcwp/join/special-programs/juniors/practice/

Don’t consider yourself an athlete? That’s ok! We can teach you to be an athlete even if you’ve never tried a sport before, haven’t considered yourself successful in sports, or just want to try something new!

2017 Competitive Team Tryouts: August 23rd – 25th

Capital Rowing Club’s summer season is in full swing, as athletes are gearing up for USRowing Masters’ Nationals in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. Click here to read more about the competitive sweep program.



The competitive program is holding open tryouts for the fall season for both men and women.

August 23 – 25th
5:20 am – 6:50 am

Anacostia Community Boathouse
1900 M Street SE, Washington DC

(Photo/Matt Pearson)
(Photo/Matt Pearson)

Program Reps:


comp women racing
Photo credit: USRowing Flickr (https://www.flickr.com/photos/usrowing/20004004124/in/album-72157657166794091/)


What we look for:

  • Experienced rowers, who have previously competed (masters, collegiate, national team, etc.)
  • Coxswains with racing experience
  • 2k erg
    • Men = 7:15 or below (age-dependent)
    • Women = 8:15 or below (age-dependent)
    • These are a general guideline, and should not discourage you from trying out.

Final determinations will be made at tryouts.