DAMMIE video still

Blind Magic

CARP’s very own¬†Dammie Onafeko has conquered the Anacostia River, CRASH-B Sprints, and now he can add the small screen to that growing list. ABC7 sports reporter Scott Abraham featured Dammie as a Rising Star! Check out his story Blind Magic.


Kenny Mars at NICR 2016

Congrats to our very own CARP/Capital athlete, Kenny Marrs, and his partner on their participation in the debut Inclusion event at NICR event this year! See the article Georgetown published below. Nathan Wegbreit (back) and Kenny Marrs represented Georgetown in the Inclusion Men’s 2x at the 2016 National Invitational Rowing Championships. Photo Credit: Georgetown Rowing.

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Ever wanted to try sculling?

Come and glide through the water in a personal rowing boat! Rowers in novice sculling learn the traffic patterns of the river, how to navigate, and how to row in one-person shells, called singles. Focus is placed on safety, boat handling skills, and learning basic sculling technique. Usually the first three weeks of class are

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